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Autumn, 2018

Contents: Gypsy and Noah: Alumni of FieldHaven, Next Stop: Seattle, The Big Fix in Meowysville, Thank You to the Community of Lincoln for Voting FieldHaven Marketplace Your FAVORITE Thrift Store of 2018

Winter, 2018

Contents: Thank You to Our Decade’s Volunteers, Miracles and Guardian Angels, Complete All of Your Holiday Shopping at FieldHaven, Ways to Give All Year Long

Autumn, 2017

Contents: FieldHaven Feline Center’s 2nd Chance Ranch, The Gift of a Life: A Tenth Life, Fund the Bus Campaign, FieldHaven Marketplace: Best of the Best, 165,000 Thank Yous, Senior Moment with Grandma Rhoda

Winter, 2017

Contents: Cascade Fire Intake Center, 2nd Chance Ranch, Champy’s Champions, Bubba’s Story, FieldHaven Marketplace, Happy Holidays, A Midlife Moment with Ollie


Spring, 2007

Inside This Issue:

  • FieldHaven’s Spa – Beauty Treatment for Homeless Felines
  • Failure Can be a Positive Thing
  • FieldHaven Alumni
  • Special Kitties at FieldHaven
  • FieldHaven Adoption Hours
  • Your Charitable Donations to FieldHaven
  • We Need Your Used Books, CDs, and DVDs!
  • A Feral Kitten Story
  • Memorial Gifts
  • Upcoming Events


Holiday, 2006

Inside This Issue:

  • Set Your Browser to “That Kitty in the Window”
  • Happy Holidays From All of the FieldHaven Cats!
  • Home 4 the Holidays 2005 Alumni

Fall, 2006

Inside This Issue:

  • IAMS Grant Arrives at FieldHaven
  • FieldHaven Barn and Book Sale
  • FieldHaven Alumni
  • Upcoming Events
  • Memorial Gifts
  • Furry Companions at Golden Village
  • $NAP Dollar$
  • New Look for FieldHaven’s Cat Trailer
  • Helping Save Lives at FieldHaven
  • Barn and Book Sale – September 23 to 24
  • We Love Our Foster Moms (and Dads)
  • Kitties Instead of Candles for Brenna’s Birthday
  • Please Help Us Help Fifi and Sadie

Spring, 2006

Inside This Issue:

  • Microchipping to Protect Your Pet for Life
  • FieldHaven Alumni
  • Junior Volunteers United
  • Memorial Gifts
  • Upcoming Events, 1 + 1 = 14: The Alarming Math if You Don’t Spay and Neuter
  • Our Wish List
  • 92 + 67 = 0: Life Saving Results of FieldHaven’s SNAP Program
  • Foster Homes Needed
  • How You Can Help
  • Play Time with Your Cat


Spring, 2005

Inside This Issue:

  • Update: Garfield – The HandiCat
  • FieldHaven Adoptables Microchipped
  • FieldHaven Board of Directors
  • FieldHaven to “Fix” Lincoln!
  • Special Thanks
  • Feline Fanatics – Volunteer Spotlight: Jen Paul
  • Calendar of Events
  • Happy Beginnings
  • Love-a-Kitten Program
  • Highlighting FieldHaven Youth Volunteers
  • Cats at Work – Jett
  • FieldHaven Facts
  • Mr. Merritt – Handsome TV Veteran Seeks Loving Family
  • Dinner & Silent Auction


Winter, 2004

Inside This Issue:

  • Home 4 the Holidays Campaign
  • Home 4 the Holidays Sponsors
  • Events and Adoptions
  • FieldHaven Alumni, Feline Fanatics – Volunteer Spotlight
  • In Memory