Trap-Alter-Manage-Invest (TAMI)

TAMI (Trap-Alter-Manage-Invest) is a new collaborative effort by FieldHaven Feline Center and Sutter Animal Services Authority (SASA) for community cats. It’s all thanks to a grant from California for All Animals, which exists to unite and amplify the work of California animal shelters.

TAMI is a holistic, community-based program for community cats in the underserved areas of the city of Marysville and Sutter County. Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) is already managed in those areas, but TAMI will allow FieldHaven and SASA to make affordable services and resources more accessible by targeting specific neighborhoods which have historically had had a high population of unowned cats with minimal spay/neuter compliance. This will decrease barriers for local residents, create sustainability for the care of community cats, and reduce overall euthanasia of unwanted and an uncared population of cats in these specific regions.

The range of services offered through TAMI will include a multi-faceted, triage approach to ensure a foundation of success. Specific focus areas will include trapping, spay/neuter services, medical care, transport, and community outreach and support.

California for All Animals is a five-year project to improve the lives of at-risk animals in the state and provide much-needed resources to shelters that serve this vulnerable population. It exists to unite and amplify the work of California animal shelters to achieve our shared goal of matching every animal in need with the right outcome through the right care, delivered in the right place and at the right time.

Apply for Funding

To request funding (e.g. low-cost or free services), please fill out this application. Please note: qualification is not guaranteed even if you live in a targeted community.