Shelter Statistics and Data Reporting

FieldHaven Feline Center is a 501c3 private, non-profit limited admission shelter. We do not have a government sheltering contract but we do partner with several municipal agencies to transfer animals into our program or other network partner shelters.

We are often asked if we are a “No-Kill” shelter. That is a very complex question that will widely vary among organizations, geographic areas and even individuals. For an excellent discussion of the topic Best Friends has published the No Kill Resolution Guidelines.

The current benchmark for what makes a shelter “no-kill” is saving at least 90% of the animals who enter a shelter system. Rest assured, FieldHaven is most definitely “no-kill.”

FieldHaven Feline Center only euthanizes for quality of life or are suffering from severe illness or injury where humane euthanasia is the kindest choice. The Asilomar Accords and Shelter Animals Count are two reporting systems utilized by the sheltering community to standardize the recording of statistics for purposes of accurate data reporting.

While we do triage the animals coming into FieldHaven Feline Center and accept animals based on our resources and capacity, we do not discriminate based on age, physical condition or behavior. This evaluation matrix [PDF] provides examples of illnesses, injuries and conditions we could encounter at intake of a cat or kitten to FieldHaven Feline Center and how we may triage those animals at intake.

FieldHaven’s Annual Data Reports

National Database of Shelter Statistics

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