15 Years, Thousands of Solutions:
A FieldHaven Documentary

Released: June 10, 2018

In celebration of its fifteenth anniversary in 2018, FieldHaven Feline Center’s executive director Joy Smith and several volunteers and staff members reminisce about the history of the shelter in our short documentary. Featuring interviews, archival footage, and heart-wrenching rescue stories, 15 Years, Thousands of Solutions commends FieldHaven’s valiant efforts since its founding in 2003. Vic Morgan and Ryan Pingree’s 15 Years, Thousand of Solutions premiered at Classics, Cats & Cabernet 2018.


Duration: 18 minutes, 3 seconds
Directed by: Vic Morgan
Filmed and edited by: Vic Morgan & Ryan Pingree
Starring: Joy Smith, Barry Fowler, Diane Kemper, Janice Covington, Jen Paul, Linda Howard, Linda Hutchinson, Roxie Edgett, Sandy Stewart, Scout Valentine, Sharon Kurth, Trish Milthorpe
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Scene Index

1. Introduction (0:00): FieldHaven co-founder and executive director Joy Smith discusses her childhood and lifelong love of animals, describing how it influenced her on her journey to starting FieldHaven Feline Center.

2. The Beginning (0:38): Joy Smith talks about the humble origins of FieldHaven Feline Center inside of her tack barn. Volunteers Janice Covington and Sandy Stewart reminisce on working inside the original shelter, a mobile home on the property they referred to as “the Trailer.” Former board member Scout Valentine talks about the construction of the new shelter. With a campaign for a new shelter building underway, volunteers tear down the old trailer while wielding sledgehammers. UC Davis’ Koret Medicine Program and FieldHaven collaborate on designing the new shelter.

3. September 60 (3:33): Joy and Scout discuss the September 60 project that involved the intake of over sixty cats and kittens from a hoarding situation in Lincoln in September 2014. With the help of Dr. Horikawa of the Animal Eye Center, the rescued kitties receive aid for the feline herpes virus afflicting their eyes. FieldHaven spokescat Champy’s origin story is revealed. Joy and Scout reminisce on the tirelesss work of the medical staff.

4. 2nd Chance Ranch (5:40): Joy talks about Rodent Rangers and the recently-opened 2nd Chance Ranch that houses cats who are feral, semi-feral, or have behavioral problems. Rodent Ranger coordinator Jen Paul explains the process of determining whether a cat is truly feral or not and provides the best practices for handling the care of feral cats. She tours 2nd Chance Ranch. Jen discusses the desperate need for low-cost spay/neuter clinics in Northern California.

5. FieldHaven Marketplace (8:31): A look inside FieldHaven Feline Center’s thrift shop, FieldHaven Marketplace, located at 434 F Street in downtown Lincoln, California. Opened in 2015, the store provides FieldHaven with much-needed funds. Champy’s Catfé invites visitors to spend time with adoptable cats while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Joy shares how volunteers work to refurbish old jewelry.

6. Classics, Cats & Cabernet (9:37): A visit into FieldHaven’s annual “fun-raising” event, Classics, Cats & Cabernet, featuring classic cars and boats, kitties, and delicious wines. Trish Milthorpe highlights the many exciting features of the yearly fundraiser, from the popular catered meals to the heartracing thrill of the live auction.

7. Why You Should Support FieldHaven (11:51): Volunteers, staff, and board members explain why FieldHaven deserves your support, sharing both the personal and communal reasons FieldHaven is a fantastic cause to donate to! If you would like to support FieldHaven Feline Center, click here to make a donation.

Cast & Crew


Vic Morgan


Ryan Pingree


Ryan Pingree
Vic Morgan


Ryan Pingree
Vic Morgan


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Haley Morgan


Barry Fowler
Diane Kemper
Janice Covington
Jen Paul
Joy Smith
Linda Howard
Linda Hutchinson
Roxie Edgett
Sandy Stewart
Scout Valentine
Sharon Kurth
Trish Milthorpe