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We regret to inform you that FieldHaven is unable to admit kittens or cats to foster homes or to any of our facilities until at least 7/19/21. This is because we are stretched beyond our capacity and resources for admissions. Every one is in the same critical state FieldHaven is. Please peruse this page for resources and information regarding found kittens.

View the Kitten Sitters Year End Report 2020 [PDF]

You just found a litter of kittens! They are tiny and look so fragile. What do you do now? Tell us about the kittens you found here.

Research has found that kittens, especially those born to feral moms, are better off being raised where mom lives. She will be less stressed and be able to better care for her kittens. We are hoping you will be a Kitten Sitter and watch over mom and her kittens.

What Does Being a Kitten Sitter Entail?

Instead of our traditional foster program where kittens are brought to our shelter then put into foster homes, Kitten Sitters will keep the mom and her family in the area she knows. You’ll make sure they have a safe, cozy place to grow up, feed them good food, and socialize the kittens to humans.

Don’t worry: you won’t be on your own. FieldHaven Feline Center will provide food, supplies, and expert advice while you are sitting the kittens. Our team of kitten pros are never more than a reach away. We use social media, including the now famous Zoom, to be there for you. If a situation warrants, we have veterinary staff that can provide “in-kitten” assistance.

Click here to become a foster.

Where is the Program Available?

Due to greatly decreased resources and a shortage in staff and volunteers, FieldHaven is ONLY offering the Kitten Sitter program in Placer County and Yuba County zip codes. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Didn’t Find a Litter but Would Still Like to Help?

You don’t have to have found a litter of kittens to become a Kitten Sitter! We have Kitten Finders that for whatever reason need to have the kittens and possibly mom in-home for a short period until the next steps are finalized. This is where being a Kitten Sitter is the most rewarding. You get to help your community and the kittens!

To enroll in the Kitten Sitter program, you must agree that all kittens, and mom, will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption.


Seeing kittens? Start sitting, but don't kit-nap from mom!

Found a litter? Live in Lincoln, Wheatland or Marysville city limits?

Dr. Heather Kennedy holding a tabby cat

Dr. Heather Kennedy, our former FieldHaven shelter veterinarian, wrote this blog post explaining why it really is best, in most cases, to leave kittens in the community.

An orange kitten and a black kitten.

These kittens were both born on the same day. The kitten on the left (orange) was motherless and raised by a very experienced bottle feeder. The kitten on the right (black) was raised by its mom. They are about 5 weeks old in the picture. Look at how much bigger and healthier the mom-raised kitten is! Mom is always best!