Meet FieldHaven's Blind Spokescat

Who is Champy?

Champy is the blind “spokescat” of FieldHaven Feline Center. In September 2014, he was rescued as one of the nearly sixty cats and kittens surrendered to FieldHaven Feline Center from a hoarding situation in Lincoln (September 60). Like many of the kitties, he was afflicted with the feline herpes virus. Unfortunately, the damage done to his eyes was irreparable, requiring the removal of both of his eyes. Champy won over the heart of FieldHaven’s executive director Joy Smith and found himself with a “furrever” home.

At first glance, it’s hard to tell he’s even blind, as he plays like any other cat. He’s something of a celebrity, too, having made several television and radio appearances. He also enjoys basking in the limelight at public events, like the Lincoln Fourth of July parade. Talk about being an attention hog!

Champy also owns Champy’s Catfé at FieldHaven Marketplace and is the mascot of Champy’s Champions, a monthly donation program. Blindness hasn’t held him back from becoming a superstar and an entrepreneur! Champy is now semi-retired and lives at the Smith home with four other cats and Tamra, the hound. He keeps in touch with his fans through his Facebook page and his VIP club, Champy’s Champions.

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Champy standing in front of paintings at FieldHaven Marketplace

Champy’s Catfé

Just inside the door to FieldHaven Marketplace is Champy’s Catfé, Lincoln’s own version of the nationwide trend to spotlight two of our favorite pastimes: cats and coffee! Step into Champy’s, brew yourself a cup of coffee or tea (or bring your own), and settle in for a visit with some of FieldHaven’s favorite adoptable cats. Bring your book or laptop and plan to stay for a spell.

You can stop by at 434 F Street, Lincoln, CA from Monday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM. You can follow our Facebook page here.

Champy standing on the lawn outside FieldHaven

Champy’s Champions

Monthly commitments of $15 or more ensure cats and kittens of FieldHaven receive the continuous care they fundamentally need and deserve. Membership can also be given as a gift. Every month, Champy, FieldHaven’s own spokescat, sends out an e-newsletter with insider information on FieldHaven and a “Star-of-the-Month” story about a special kitty.

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Champy sniffing some roses

Champy’s Facebook

Champy loves to bask in the limelight on social media and interact with his hundreds of super fans. Give him a like: it boosts his huge ego!

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