Community/Cat Assistance Team (CAT)

The Community/Cat Assistance Team (CAT) receives a high-volume of phone calls and messages every day. Please explore our Resources page to try to answer your question. If you have an emergency, please contact your local animal services organization or a veterinarian.

FieldHaven Feline Center has earned the reputation as the organization people turn to help with anything cat. The Community/Cat Assistance Team (shortened aptly to “CAT”) comprises a fabulous base of feline-experienced volunteers and staff who answer questions from the public on cat behavior, feral and community cats, rehoming personal cats, and so much more. We train community members on how to Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR), coaching them through each step and providing the equipment they need.

Shelter Hours

Monday – Saturday: 10 AM to 5 PM
Sunday: Closed

Our goal is to provide each caller with the knowledge, tools, and support to craft a solution or resolution for their issue(s). We have a process for triaging all requests for surrenders by first finding alternatives to intake, and should that not be successful, put them on a waiting list for intake or facilitate assistance from another shelter.

FieldHaven Feline Center has been continually successful in finding volunteers who enthusiastically answer phone calls, emails, and social media tags, as well as greet walk-ins and manage any other sort of human contact regarding feline issues.

FieldHaven’s volunteers and staff are known for our empathy, willingness to listen, and creative solutions. These are just some of the ways we help our community. We often hear, “You were the only shelter that took/returned my call.” We love to help people and cats. No challenge is too large or too small!

More Than Answering Questions

Members of the Community/Cat Assistance Team serve as the voice of FieldHaven in educating the public about the problems of animal overpopulation and the management of healthy feral cat colonies in our rural community. Many also serve as emergency relief shelter workers in times of natural disaster. FieldHaven staff and volunteers are regularly engaged by Placer and Yuba County officials to assist in setting up temporary emergency shelters during incidents of fire or flooding. We are saving lives and keeping cats out of shelters with CAT.

Common Calls

To help ensure urgent calls and emergencies receive help in a timely manner, please look over our frequently asked CAT questions to see if they solve your inquiry. If you have an emergency, please contact your local animal services organization or a veterinarian.

For more useful information and helpful tips, be sure to visit our Resource library.

Still need help? Give us a call at (916) 434-6022 or email us as [email protected]

Join the Superhero Team

The Community/Cat Assistance Team program has become a staple service to FieldHaven’s ever-widening community. If you’re great with customer service and love to help humans and felines, please fill out our Volunteer Application.

Community/Cat Assistance Team

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