About FieldHaven Feline Center

17 years of operation, lifetimes of love.

Our Story

It all started in 2003 with a barn and a handful of feral cats. Word got out that sisters Jann Flanagan and Joy Smith were on a mission to rescue cats.

Operating out of a trailer located on a private horse ranch in a rural area of Lincoln, California, the sisters established “FieldHaven Feline Rescue,” a safe haven for local cats and kittens until they were adopted.

Being on a ranch is one of the many things that makes FieldHaven unique.

By 2008, it was apparent the community’s needs were great and FieldHaven’s facilities were small. A campaign to raise funds to build a state-of-the-art cat center was launched and completed in 2011.

The shelter facility was created in cooperation with the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program; the innovative design is recognized worldwide as a model for improving the health, safety, and adoptability of rescued felines.

At FieldHaven, the cats roam freely in indoor/outdoor community rooms and individual suites.

It soon became clear that FieldHaven’s scope of services was expanding and it was becoming the “center” of all things feline in Lincoln and the surrounding communities.

In 2013, the name was changed to “FieldHaven Feline Center” and a new, stronger mission statement was established to reflect the growth and knowledge acquired in the first ten years of service.

At FieldHaven, it isn’t just about adoptions. Our goal is to enhance the lives of cats and their owners and caregivers by offering programs to Lincoln and surrounding communities that fulfill their needs.

To learn more about our history, please watch our documentary, 15 Years, Thousands of Solutions (2018).

15 Years of FieldHaven Feats


  • FieldHaven started by Joy & Jann in the horse tack room.
  • First volunteers join FieldHaven.
  • Janice Covington is our longest-term volunteer.
  • Project Orange: four kittens trapped and rescued from a local school.
  • Monte is our first adopted kitten.

Adoptions: 58


  • “Cat trailer” brought into service.
  • Deke’s alive!
  • Gladding McBean Project: TNR of 50 feral cats.

Adoptions: 211 (+113% increase)


Adoptions: 307 (+37% increase)

Spay/Neuter: 159 (+100% increase)


Adoptions: 204 (-40% decrease)

Spay/Neuter: 214 (+29% increase)


  • “Prevent Teenage Pregnancy” poster wins Brian Bank Marketing Award from the HSUS.
  • FieldHaven greeting cards; volunteer Alice West creates cards with cat photos to sell as a fundraiser.
  • Lincoln addresses its stray and feral cat overpopulation with “Operation Amoruso.”

Adoptions: 336 (+48% increase)

Spay/Neuter: 447 (+70% increase)


Adoptions: 316 (-6% decrease)

Spay/Neuter: 566 (+23% increase)


  • Collaboration with UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program for new shelter design.
  • Partnered with UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine to provide unspayed female cats for surgical teaching rotations in their state of the art animal hospital.
  • FieldHaven holds first annual Classics, Cats & Cabernet.

Adoptions: 425 (+29% increase)

Spay/Neuter: 811 (+35% increase)


  • FieldHaven joins Facebook!
  • The Tenth Life Club (TLC) fund is started when a very generous donor provides the seed money to help cats with special needs.
  • Construction begins on the new shelter.

Adoptions: 357 (-17% decrease)

Spay/Neuter: 535 (-40% decrease)


  • FieldHaven assists Noah’s Wish in mandatory evacuation during Lincoln’s propane fire.
  • Grand opening of the new shelter!

Adoptions: 328 (-8% decrease)

Spay/Neuter: 495 (-8% decrease)


  • FieldHaven welcomes seven cats orphaned by Superstorm Sandy.
  • FieldHaven participates in “Rebates for Rescues” adoption program sponsored by Placer County SPCA.
  • Pink was adopted after 804 days at FieldHaven!

Adoptions: 260 (-23% decrease)

Spay/Neuter: 538 (+8% increase)


  • Opened Snap It Up! Thrift Shop.
  • 2013 Wells Fargo Hero Award.
  • Santa Paws Pet Food Pantry: community pet food giveaway.
  • Launched FieldHaven Spa and Purrfectly Priceless adoption programs.

Adoptions: 257 (-2% decrease)

Spay/Neuter: 553 (+3% increase)


  • Started “Summer Camp for Kittens” to help the unsocialized kittens at the shelter become comfortable with humans.
  • Launched “Spectacular Senior September” campaign to help our senior cats find homes.
  • The “September 60 Project” came about when FieldHaven rescued around 60 cats and kittens living in a hoarding situation.

Adoptions: 427 (+50% increase)

Spay/Neuter: 414 (-9% decrease)


  • 42% more adoptions than 2014.
  • Opened Champy’s Catfé Adoption Center & FieldHaven Marketplace.
  • Assisted animals in Butte & Valley Fire.
  • Installed dental equipment for shelter and community cats.

Adoptions: 605 (+34% increase)

Spay/Neuter: 430 (+4% increase)


  • Dog and cat microchip clinics launched.
  • Partnerships established with San Francisco SCPA and ASPCA.
  • Wheatland 100 Cat Spay/Neuter Challenge (151 cats fixed).
  • Community Pet Food Pantry opened.
  • Yalu the Korea Cat successfully socialized and homed.
  • Purrjama Party launched.

Adoptions: 672 (+10% increase)

Spay/Neuter: 636 (+38% increase)


  • Opened 2nd Chance Ranch.
  • Started offering low-cost vaccine and microchip clinics for the public.
  • Neonatal kitten program started with 188 bottle babies.
  • Pet Food Pantry served 547 animals.
  • Operated evacuation centers for cats during the Oroville Dam Evacuation and Cascade Fire.

Adoptions: 908 (+30% increase)

Spay/Neuter: 611 (-4% decrease)


Adoptions: 970 (+6% increase)

Spay/Neuter: 809 (+28% increase)

Inside the Shelter

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Our Life-Saving Programs

Joy Smith holding spokescat Champy
The FieldHaven Feline Center office
A foster parent holding a black kitten

Champy's Champions

Supporters who donate a minimum of $15 per month to FieldHaven become cherished members of Champy’s Champions.

Members receive an informative and fun monthly mailing from Champy, FieldHaven’s blind spokescat, along with information on an adoptable cat or kitten.

Community/Cat Assistance Team (CAT)

Experienced, on-hand volunteer and staff field questions on behavior, medical assessment, feral cats, and much more with the goal to find a solution for every cat in need.

Foster Program

Thanks to FieldHaven’s foster families virtually expanding the capacity of our shelter, more kittens and cats can find their forever homes.

Meowysville: TNR the Town
A barn cat awaiting adoption through FieldHaven's 2nd Chance Ranch
A white and grey kitten with green eyes


PCAS, San Francisco SPCA, Humane Society of Silicon Valley, Yuba County Animal Care Services, ASPCA, and The Million Cat Challenge are all part of FieldHaven’s collaborative efforts to increase adoption opportunities and reduce euthanasia in shelters.

Rodent Rangers

Not all cats are made for indoors. Some are destined to work. The 2nd Chance Ranch houses cats awaiting placement as barn cats, ranch hands, or warehouse foremen.

Spay/Neuter Assistance Program

SNAP is designed to financially and logistically assist cat owners with spaying or neutering.

Two kittens who are part of FieldHaven's Trap, Neuter, Return program

Trap, Neuter, Return

Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) keeps established feral colonies intact while limiting the population.

FieldHaven Marketplace logo

FieldHaven Marketplace

FieldHaven also plays an integral role in the Lincoln community. In fact, the FieldHaven Marketplace thrift shop is located right downtown. Voted the #1 Thrift Store in Lincoln, the volunteer-run store exists to benefit FieldHaven Feline Center. At Champy’s Catfé inside the Marketplace, shoppers sip coffee in the company of some of our wonderful adoptable felines.

Meet Our Partners

Please consider supporting the partners who help make FieldHaven possible.