Found Cat Tips

I found a cat in a tree

I found a sick or injured cat or kitten

Take to a local vet or animal shelter for immediate medical care.

I found a healthy cat or kitten (not injured or emaciated)

Put it back where you found it. It most likely has an owner and was just enjoying a walk around the neighborhood! Contact your local shelter to find out how to file a found cat report.

If Healthy, Please Shelter-in-Place with This Pet While Doing the Following to Locate the Owner

  1. CHECK FOR MICROCHIP: Take to local vet, shelter, pet store, or FieldHaven to scan for a chip*. FieldHaven can scan the kitty: please call (916) 434-6022 or email [email protected] to arrange a chip scan.
  2. YARD SIGNS: Make a big sign for your front yard. Keep it simple: FOUND CAT, size, color, sex.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA: Post animal picture and FOUND notice of local “lost and found pet” Facebook pages, Craigslist, Nextdoor, and any other city or neighborhood-specific social media group available.
  4. FAXED NOTIFICATIONS: Go to and choose the FREE option. You can then enter the info and photo. This information is immediately faxed and emailed to animal shelters, vet offices, rescue groups, etc. Many owners have been found this way!
  5. NEIGHBORHOOD SIGNS: Print flyers. Post flyers on telephone poles or other neighborhood boards – Note: if a pet is missing, the owner is most likely walking or driving the neighborhood searching for them, so signage will still work.

IF YOU NEED EMERGENCY SUPPLIES: Please contact FieldHaven Feline Center if you need emergency supplies (limited) to care for your new houseguest! Call us at: (916) 434-6022

* FOUND A MICROCHIP? Visit Pet Microchip Lookup, enter the chip number, and contact all companies where registration is listed

So you found a lost animal?