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Cat in a Tree Rescue

Cat in a Tree Rescue | Service

Cat in a Tree Rescue offers a directory of services by state to help rescue your cat from a tree. Learn more >>

Found Cat Tips

FieldHaven Feline Center | Article

Learn what to do if you found a cat in a tree, a sick or injured cat, or a healthy cat. Our Found Cat Tips article will help you find the cat’s owner if they are someone’s missing pet. Read more >>

“Help! I Found a Kitten Outdoors” Poster

Alley Cat Allies® | PDF

Do you know what to do if you find a kitten outside? This illustrated flowchart will help you determine the right steps to take, and how best to help kittens in need. This beautiful, 11×17 full-color poster is perfect to hang in shelters, veterinary offices, and pet stores, and to share with friends, family, and the public. Download >>

How to Better Help Your Community Find Lost Pets

Shelter Success Simplified | PDF

Don’t make assumptions about found pets such as that a pet has been abused or dumped, rather than simply lost and on their own for a long time. Such assumptions can get in the way of reconnecting that animal with their people. Search techniques are different for dogs and cats. With cats, the best advice is to get permission from neighbors to do a methodical search of every conceivable hiding place in a two- to five-house radius. (That’s where most cats are found.)  Listen >>

If You’ve Found a Kitten

KC Pet Project | Article

If you’ve found kittens, in almost all cases, it is best to leave them alone. Wait. What? Yes; you read that correctly. In almost all cases, you should leave the kittens in place without any regrets about not having done something. It sounds like a simple plan. What could be easier than doing nothing? But of course, doing nothing is actually quite difficult because when we see helpless baby animals, we feel compelled to intervene. Unfortunately, intervention may do more harm than good.  Read more >>

Kitten Sitters

FieldHaven Feline Centers | Program

Research has found that kittens, especially those born to feral moms, are better off being raised where mom lives. She will be less stressed and be able to better care for her kittens. We are hoping you will be a Kitten Sitter and watch over mom and her kittens.  Read more >>

Lost Cat Behavior

Missing Animal Response Network | Article

If your indoor-only cat has escaped and is somewhere outside or in unfamiliar territory there is good news — your cat is probably not “lost” at all! In most cases, a cat that is unexpectedly transplanted into an unfamiliar area is considered a DISPLACED CAT. Most cases of displacement involve indoor-only cats that escape outside. However, outdoor-access cats can become displaced as well. Read more >>

Lost Cat Tips

FieldHaven Feline Center | Article

Having a lost cat is a position no pet owner wants to be in. It is the scariest part of pet parenting. We are here to walk you through the process of finding your lost cat step-by-step. Pet owners are oftentimes shocked by the personality change exhibited by their lost cat. They expect their cat to respond to their calls or come to them if they are near. Cats are hypervigilant in new situations. This is a great survival skill, but this edge often causes them to run from the same people they love and trust in their home environment. This is why it is important to consider your cat’s personality before going out to search. Read more >>


PawBoost | Service

PawBoost is a service dedicated to resources reuniting you with your lost pet by helping you promote your lost pet search online. It’s free! Learn more >>

Petco Love Lost

Petco Lost Love | Service

Petco Lost Love helps reunite lost pets with their families. Enter a photo of your missing pet and search their national lost and found pet database to find them. Learn more >>