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Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Cats

FieldHaven Feline Center | PDF

When it comes to evacuating during a fire or other disaster, the first thing to keep in mind is to crate your cat(s) sooner than later. As soon as you have an inkling you may have to evacuate, gather up your pet(s) and secure them. Cats are masters at sensing danger. Unlike dogs who glue themselves to humans in uncertain times, cats will scatter and hide. Do not wait until the last minute to secure them in a carrier. You may end up being forced to make a desperate decision if you can not find one last cat who has crawled up under the bed and is inaccessible. Download >>

How to Evacuate Your Cat

FieldHaven Feline Center | Video

Wildfires have become part of our lives in the west and in many other areas of the country. This video will provide tips for being prepared to evacuate your cats in case a wildfire threatens your home. Watch video >>