The Fire Cats: Save Something Small

Released: January 1, 2022

On 9 October 2017, the lives of the residents of Santa Rosa were changed forever when the Tubbs Fire roared through and leveled whole neighborhoods, and with minutes to escape in the middle of the night, thousands of family pets were lost or injured. This is the story of the heroic cat rescuers who have devoted their lives to finding and returning the cats to their families who had lost everything. One year later, a monster known as the Camp Fire wiped out Paradise. Four times the devastation of the Santa Rosa fire, the rescuers packed up and dove right in. While they were now more seasoned, fiercely dedicated-and more complicated-an antagonist appeared in the aftermath of the Camp Fire that no one had planned on.


Duration: 1 hour, 20 minutes
Directed by: Katharine Parsons
Narrated by: Philip Craig
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What Viewers are Saying

“I have fostered kitties through FieldHaven and live near the areas that were essentially wiped out by these fires. Being able to see Heroes rescuing loved family memebers while other heroes were putting out those fires was simply amazing. The compassion, persistence, and fearlessness that is shown by not only First Responders but every day Heroes is inspiring. Go see this movie! Be inspired! Reach out to your local organizations to make changes within your community regarding disaster situations and how they are handled. Register to be a local foster or safe haven for an animal. Step up, it takes all of us. Not just some of us.”

“Films that document disasters rarely profile the animals involved. It is estimated that 800,000 animals perished in Katrina and not one film was made about the plight of the survivors. Luckily, Katherine Parsons came along and changed that with this film of another disaster, The Camp Fire. Her sensitive and intelligent coverage rings true for all of us that were involved. She also shines a light on governmental agencies that can obstruct rather than help simply due to the egos involved. Hopefully this film will act as a blueprint for disaster preparation in the future by showing how critical it is to make room for experienced trappers like Shannon Jay to do what they do best.”

“Dedicated to survival. This film spotlights the cats who have survived infernos and the brave, determined people who worked against the clock to rescue them. The cat owners who have lost everything, find solace in being reunited with their four-pawed family members. The film will tap into a multitude of emotions. You will cry, there’s not doubt about it. But you’ll also laugh, get angry, feel your heart melt but in the end you will be uplifted. So proud to have been a part of the efforts to save the tiny tigers and to help their human companions navigate the tragedy of the fire. Please see it when you can – you won’t be disappointed.”


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Cast & Crew


Katharine Parsons


Philip Craig
Katharine Parsons
Boyd Stockham
Dani Stockham


Bebo Andrews
Richard Dinar
Drew Harbaugh
Suzanne Kelman
Catherine Seitz
Dennis Tharp


Melody C. Miller
Katharine Parsons
Leonora Strawbridge
Douglas Thron


Katharine Parsons