Meow & Forever

Meow & Forever helps cats stay out of shelters. It is a program to provide you with the resources to find the best home when you need to rehome your cat.

At FieldHaven, we understand that there are times when keeping your cat may no longer be an option. We are here to help you to find a new family and home for your cat without having to surrender them to a shelter.

With Meow & Forever, we support and guide you through the steps to finding a new home.

Meow & Forever offers you the resources to help you choose a new home that is a good match. You know your cat best so who better to tell potential adopters all about your cat. It also reduces the stress that cats often experience in a shelter.

Registering your cat with Meow & Forever is easy.

Complete a Meow & Forever Cat Information Survey

A FieldHaven representative will contact you to review the CIS with you.

Once approved your cat will be posted to FieldHaven’s website and social media locations.

We will assist you in looking for a home, providing you the support you need to find that perfect home.

FieldHaven's Meow & Forever Homing Assistance Program