2020 Annual Report

Our Mission

Engaging and empowering communities to ensure every cat has a safe place to live.

2020 Annual Report

“For Every Cat in Need, a Solution”

Founded in 2003, FieldHaven Feline Center is a novel, progressive, non-profit animal welfare organization. Harnessing the power of dedicated staff, an army of volunteers, and a professional Board of Directors, we support the health and safety of the animals in our community and the people who care for them. Our programs, such as 2nd Chance Ranch, Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP), the leading-edge Community/Cat Assistance Team (CAT), vaccine and microchip clinics, and Pet Food Pantry, truly make a difference. We proudly offer cats and kittens for adoption and operate our thrift store, FieldHaven Marketplace.

Key Accomplishments in 2020


Litter Box Award (just kidding!): The coveted Litter Box Award was presented to us for making it through that litter-covered, scoopable year, 2020! Okay, so the Litter Box Award isn’t really an award, but we deserve to pat ourselves on the back for getting through it, right?

Fundraisers & Community Outreach


Board of Directors

Joy SmithPresident
Preston SmithBoard Member
Monica McCall, Treasurer


Alex Rensing, DVM, Medical Director
Roberta Peterson
Megan Dunbar, DVM


Dallas Butterfield, Operations Manager
Angie Barreto, Volunteer Coordinator
Roxie Edgett, Veterinary Assistant
Audra Murphy, Operations Coordinator
Jen Paul, TNR / SNAP / Rodent Ranger Program Coordinator
Delaney NewmanCat Care Assistant
Jeanie SchumacherEvents Coordinator
George Barreto, FieldHaven Marketplace Manager
Shirley LossAccountant
Carrie MorganDevelopment Coordinator
Vic MorganWebmaster
Sherri Greer



Total: Coming soon


Total: Coming soon


Hathaway Cat Resource Center

FieldHaven's Hathaway Cat Resource CenterExpanding into the Marysville/Yuba County area was a long-time dream of FieldHaven Feline Center. With the cat population in Placer County under control and the county being named one of safest counties in California for cats, FieldHaven felt it was time to expand north. It was not until 2019 when this dream looked like it might become a reality. With a driving force in the Yuba Sutter Area, a partnership with the City of Marysville to help them gain control over their cat population, and several other projects in the area, it became a necessity to open a location in Marysville. However, funding had to be secured. Thanks to the generosity in honor of his cat Hathaway, Mark M. Glickman made this dream spark to life. The Hathaway Cat Resource Center offers Marysville and other Yuba County residents (as well as surrounding areas) a place to find solutions for cats. TNR is the hub of our operations but many other resources are offered.

Kitten Sitters

Instead of our traditional foster program where kittens are brought to our shelter then put into foster homes, Kitten Sitters will keep the mom and her family in the area she knows. You’ll make sure they have a safe, cozy place to grow up, feed them good food, and socialize the kittens to humans.

Meow & Forever

It’s a huge decision to give up a pet, no matter what the reason is. Often, people take them to a shelter or rescue for surrender. The reality is if you have the time and ability to find your pet a new home, it will offer a much smoother transition for both of you and spare cats the stressful shelter environment. Meow & Forever Rehoming Assistance Program is a program designed to assist you in finding the best family and home to rehome your cat by offering resources to keep them out of the shelter. You know your cat best, so who better to tell potential adopters all about your cat than you?


We performed a total of 472 adoptions in 2020.

  • Intakes
  • Transfers
  • Adoptions
  • Deaths / Euthanasias
  • Redemptions

Adoptions by Venue

  • FieldHaven Feline Center
  • PetSmart – Lincoln
  • PetSmart – Rocklin
  • FieldHaven Marketplace

Adoptions by Type

  • Adults
  • Kittens / Teens
  • Rodent Rangers


In 2020, we offered spay and neuter assistance to 64 kitties.

The 12 Saves of Christmas

In December 2020, we celebrated a year in feline life saving with the 12 Saves of Christmas. The cat world doesn’t shut down when a pandemic puts a pause on the human world.

Tommy was spotted by FieldHaven volunteer Valerie. He was bedraggled, depressed, and miserable, and he didn’t have a family of his own. Once trapped, he was taken to the vet for a check-up: they found he had dental disease and entropion, a painful eye condition requiring reparative surgery. After recovery, he was adopted by a family and their teenage son.

Volunteer Jim was hanging out at the bar when a buff orange tabby cat staggered in. The cat was an unwelcome regular. Jim inquired about the friendly stray, but no one knew where he came from or who he belonged to. Naturally, Jim scooped up the hefty tabby and brought him to FieldHaven to scan for a microchip to search for possible owners. He didn’t have a microchip, so the team went to work over social media. The affectionately nicknamed Boozer had good meals and a cozy place to rest. Shirley saw the post on Nextdoor, noticing Boozer looked like their cat, Kitty, who went missing three years earlier. It was a match! The heartfelt reunion concluded with a microchip.