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Carrie Morgan
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About Carrie Morgan

When asked how I got involved with FieldHaven, I like to say, “It all started with a cat.” An innocent trip to the bathroom at Petsmart for my youngest daughter led to a 14+ year relationship. When we came out and saw my oldest daughter was holding “Chiffon” (now “Tiki”)…I was doomed. It grew from adoption to school project to volunteering to processing and acknowledging donations (and whatever else the boss throws my way).

There has always been one or more cats in my life. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in southern California, moved to Upland toward the end of high school, later attending CSUF. After graduating with a B.A in Illustration, I headed up to the bay area. Over the next 15 years, I worked at a family-run craft store in Alamo, got married, and started family. Our 2 crazy tabbies, Measles and Helen (short for Hell-on-Wheels), took it all in stride. A job transfer to Las Vegas was rerouted to Grass Valley mid-move and we somehow ended up in Rocklin for the next 14 years. In that time, we made it through mice, rats, cockroaches, tarantulas, bearded dragons, hermit crabs, fish, a Chihuahua, and a couple more cats (both losing and gaining)…and homeschooling K-12. When I’m not working for someone else or scooping poop, I enjoy painting (anything), repurposing dolls, or refinishing furniture. There is always a project on my mind, waiting to be born.

Though I may get bogged down with the business end of FieldHaven, I always try to take time out for the hands-on, caregiving side of it, too. It has been quite the journey so far…but every step has led me to the right place in many ways. I am blessed with the best family and friends a girl could ever hope for.

Take strength in those who need you.

-"Two Worlds" by Phil Collins, Disney's Tarzan