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Phone: (916) 434-6022
Vic Morgan
Web & Graphic Designer / Brand Ambassador / Data Management

About Vic Morgan

Howdy, y’all! I am Vic, your friendly neighborhood webmaster. I was born in the Bay Area, but have resided in the Sacramento-area for the past twenty-plus years. My involvement with FieldHaven Feline Center began with the adoption of my late feline soulmate, Tiki (formerly Chiffon), in 2004, when I was just seven years old (that’s Tiki’s face on the FieldHaven Marketplace logo, by the way). In spring 2015, I created a mini-documentary video on FieldHaven for my twelfth-grade volunteering project, which led to me making the Fund-a-Need videos for Classics, Cats & Cabernet. From there, I was hired on as the new webmaster in June 2016, and I completely redesigned the website and established a brand identity for FieldHaven. Currently, I manage the website, brand identity, and our databases, as well as make videos on occasion.

Web and graphic design have been long-time passion of mine. I first began designing websites in 2011, founding my own website and brand in 2012, and I have continued to work on websites professionally and recreationally over the past thirteen years. I acquired associate’s degrees in Applied Art & Design – Multimedia (A.A.), Administration of Justice (A.S.), and Social & Behavioral Sciences (A.S.) and skills certificates in video production, web design, and graphic design from Sierra College in Rocklin, CA, and graduated summa cum laude from California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor’s degree in English (B.A.). Even though I’ve completed my educational journey, I constantly do research within my field to make sure the website is following best practices and that the brand is the best it can be. Outside of web and graphic design, I’m also a writer, filmmaker, and animator.

I love all animals, from cats to turtles to spiders (including the venomous ones, like black widows and brown recluses). In my free time, I enjoy learning and studying languages (Italian, Spanish, French, and Russian), painting, going to conventions with my friends, listening to music of all kinds, and playing the wide variety of instruments in my collection. I currently have five FieldHaven alumni kitties: Calypso “Lypsie” (2012, Helen), Kimmy (2015, Egg Roll), Timon “Timmy” (2019, Abraham), Lucy (2021, Sunni), and Arya (2023, Lisa).


I think I may have found a project I'd actually enjoy doing. All these cats and dogs...They should be rewarded for not being people. I hate people.

- April Ludgate, Parks and Recreation