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Jeanie Schumacher
TNR Trapper

About Jeanie Schumacher

In 2018 after returning to my hometown of Marysville, California, my teenage son rescued a cat at a ball game (Gold Sox Colony). While making a SNAP appointment for Tiger, Lorraine expressed how difficult it was to find steady transportation from Marysville, so I decided to volunteer the Marysville to Lincoln route in order to get out of the house for a beautiful weekly drive. At the time, I didn’t even know TNR was really a thing! I met the Crazy Cat Ladies weekly and began to realize these were cats meant to be released back to their colonies. Who woulda thought?!

I began trapping and representing FieldHaven in Marysville and beyond as my TNR vocabulary and knowledge grew as fast as my new TNR family. In 2019, the Board offered me a job and Audra and I began setting up FieldHaven’s Hathaway Cat Resource Center in Marysville, California. In February 2020, we held our first successful Animal Save “Big Fix” (35 cats TNR) event at our new office…and then, that year was COVID. We made it through and came out with exciting new changes. As the country opens up, I can be found wearing my ears, either crawling through the bushes with a camera and a trap, driving the Cat Mobil, working The Big Fix at the Resource Center, or at our weekly clinics in Lincoln. In my off time, I love to be out in nature or eating.

Engaging and empowering communities to ensure every cat has a safe place to live.

- FieldHaven Mission Statement