Act Like a Cat

Act Like a Cat

#ActLikeACat to Beat COVID-19

These are very different times for us right now. For most of us, our busy lives have come to a slow crawl. We are being advised to sit back, stream our favorite TV shows we haven’t had time to watch, work in our garden, do puzzles, enjoy the company of our family, and most importantly, snuggle with our kitties. Actually, we’re being advised to act just like a cat: sleep on the couch, then move to that chair in the sun and when it’s dark crawl into bed. In between naps visit the fridge, maybe watch some TV…you get the idea. We can knock out COVID-19 if we all just #ActLikeACat.

The cats are enjoying the quiet at FieldHaven.

It was eerily quiet at FieldHaven on Thursday. Just a few weeks ago, a Thursday afternoon would be a beehive of activity as the Hathaway Surgery Center finished up spays and neuters for the day, volunteers arrived for their evening shifts, and freshly adopted kitties were left with their new families.

This past Thursday at 4 PM, there was one car parked at the shelter: a staff member caring for the kitties remaining at the shelter, giving them their evening meal, dispensing medications, and giving the litter pans once last tidy scoop before the sunset.

Some of our resident ferals enjoy the unusual quiet, like Jewell, formerly known as CF828, a feral who came to live at FieldHaven when we closed the Camp Fire disaster shelters in Paradise just nine months ago. Jewell is now boldly snoozing on the bench by the front door to the shelter. She likes this new (mostly) human-free zone at FieldHaven!

G-10, on the other hand, is missing the dozens of pets he gets every day from everyone whose path he crosses. Only a couple of years ago, G-10 was just as feral as Jewell, but he’s learned the value of the human touch and he revels in it every chance he gets.

We’re Mostly Closed, but Still Here to Help

Just as many shelters have, FieldHaven has cut back our services to only those that are, well, essential. Here are the services we are still offering:

We have several adoptable kitties and anticipate having kittens available soon. You can see our adoptables here. We will schedule an appointment for you to come to meet the kitty. Because we are not able to perform anything but emergency services right now, some cats and kittens may be adopted out unaltered. A $100 spay/neuter deposit will be collected at the time of adoption which will be refunded after the kitty is fixed.

The Community/Cat Assistance Team (CAT) continues to answer phone calls and emails all day long from the safety of their homes. We are helping people deal with a multitude of urgent or emergency situations. From being shut in and needing cat food to having found a litter of kittens, we are able to help in most situations, even with just advice.

Kitten season is upon us and our population of kittens in foster homes is growing. While we are closed to owner surrenders and non-urgent intakes, we can prudently intake for life-saving situations. Most of our staff have been furloughed or laid off and we are closed to volunteers so our resources are minimal.

Even though we are not trapping for Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR), there are times a trap is needed to capture an injured cat or to lure a displaced kitty home. For those situations and others, we can loan traps, cages, and other equipment.

Thank You

For those of our friends who are on the front lines of this war – health care providers, first responders, grocery store workers, delivery persons – thank you for your dedication, courage, and skill. Our hearts are with you each day while you work to get our world through this crisis.

Join FieldHaven Alumni

If you aren’t already a member of FieldHaven Alumni, our Facebook page for cats and kittens adopted from FieldHaven, now would be a good time to join us. If you have a FieldHaven Alumni in your life share a picture of you acting like a cat with them. Add the hashtag #ActLikeACat..

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Well, and #ActLikeACat

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