Slash Survived… Because of You

Slash Survived… Because of You

Big Day of Giving is officially here, and Slash couldn’t have come along at a better time. Thanks to your support, this tiny kitten survived a near-death experience… and is now thriving.

Slash was found by Ellis Lake in Marysville with a massive wound to his neck… at just a few days old. Audra, one of our managers, was the one to find him, and thankfully, she dropped everything to rush him to Northpointe Animal Hospital. Their team was very helpful, as we all rallied around him, hoping for the best.

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His tiny neck was wrapped in bandages but poor Slash didn’t quite understand what was happening. He thrashed around, not happy to be so restricted, but we told him it was for his own good.

Audra kept him alive through the night, checking on him nearly every half hour.

The following day, he was brought to our main campus in Lincoln.

He was checked out by our medical team, and we ensured he was hydrated, accepting food, and maintained a stable temperature.

Donate for Big Day of Giving

Roxie, who is part of our medical team, agreed to be his ICU Mom over the coming days. It was critical that he was under 24/7 care because without it he may not make it.

Not a day went by for the first week of his life that we didn’t have multiple team members asking about him.

And our good vibes helped, along with the tiniest will to survive that we have ever seen.

Today Slash is almost healed. It took about two weeks, but now we can confidently say his future is bright.

We’ve consistently share the stories of the good work that we do—how we go above and beyond, how we provide solutions for even the most challenging situations, how we engage the community, and how we save lives. Today is where you come in. Will you please donate to Slash to help us continue to give him the care he needs?

Donate for Big Day of Giving

While we’ll never know what happened to Slash, the general consensus is that another animal got to him. Mom knew she couldn’t help and split—there was no sign of her anywhere. We’re just lucky that we were there in his time of need, and that we had the ability to give him a fighting chance. A chance… because of you.

Today his little eyes have opened, he makes teeny air biscuits, and he adores being held! He even wears tiny top hats! He understands that we saved him, and he is grateful.

Donate for Big Day of Giving

We couldn’t be here for kittens like Slash without you, our village, and we ask that you come together to donate today for Big Day of Giving. Every single amount matters. And, if every single one of you donates, together, we will make a big impact on Slash, and the many more kittens just like him that need our help.

We appreciate you more than you know. Thank you, in advance, for donating today for Big Day of Giving.

P.S. We always need help to care for vulnerable kittens like this and will provide guidance on everything from how to rescue or trap them, care for them, and more. We can’t do it all—we need you too. So, think about it—you too can be a lifesaving caregiver for kittens like Slash.

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