Thank You – From the Bottom of Our Paws

Thank You – From the Bottom of Our Paws

We’re smiling from ear to ear this morning after yesterday’s Big Day of Giving, and we really only have one thing to say… thank YOU!

Our village is amazing and we are grateful for your support!

Yesterday was an incredible day and it was truly all thanks to you.

Some fun facts about what went on behind the scenes yesterday:

  • We took in multiple kittens, some for foster, and some through our Kitten Sitters program, all to give them the best chance at a successful, happy life!
  • We had several adoptions and a reunion!
  • We provided compassionate end of life care for a beautiful cat who belonged to a very kind homeless person.
  • We caught up with our community in person, by phone and online!
  • We microchipped a dog… yes, a dog!
  • We drank MEOWtinis, or rather, the cats did!

What YOU do matters. What you GIVE matters. Yesterday encompassed it all. Thank you!

What we do matters. What we give matters.

In addition, we had amazing support from people like you, thanks to Big Day of Giving.

  • Of 826 nonprofits participating, we placed 59th for the total dollars raised!
  • Of 125 Placer County nonprofits, we’re at 8th for total dollars raised!
  • Of 71 animal nonprofits, we’re at 8th in total dollars raised!
  • We had 408 unique donors!
  • We were one of the lucky Golden Ticket winners, getting a boost of $500 for one of our donations!

We are still counting those donations and more continue to come in, so we thank you tremendously for your support. Our work is far from over, so even if you missed donating yesterday, please, donate now. We’re going to keep saving lives so your support is always appreciated!

P.S. If you missed Big Day of Giving, don’t worry, of course, you can still give! Donate by mail to 2754 Ironwood Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648, or use the Big Day of Giving link here, because that will stay open for a few more days. Thank you again for your generosity. We are so grateful for our village of support!

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