Mothers and Kittens Need Your Help Right Now!

Mothers and Kittens Need Your Help Right Now!

A storm of kittens needing your help is brewing. As a result of our Hathaway Spay/Neuter Clinic closure due to COVID-19 quarantine measures, hundreds of homeless kittens are being born right now and in the coming months.

We are asking for your help. Your support is vital in getting prepared to care for this wave of kittens. Even now, while the quarantine is still in place, litters of kittens are being cared for by FieldHaven.

Cats do not understand a “Stay in Place” order and are currently pregnant or giving birth.

Making things worse, the mandated closure of FieldHaven Marketplace Thrift Store is resulting in financial challenges and less available funding.

Your generosity will help equip an army of staff and volunteers to rescue, foster, and nurture new babies right now.

Together, we can bring these vulnerable kittens to safety and conquer this storm.

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Well, and #ActLikeACat

FieldHaven Marketplace Virtual Shopping

FieldHaven Marketplace is closed but we are offering virtual shopping through our Facebook page. New items are added for sale every day. Claim the item if you want to purchase it. We will send you an invoice and schedule a time to pick-up. It’s that simple and your purchases help keep feeding the kitties!

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