Accepting Donations While Social Distancing

Accepting Donations While Social Distancing

Longtime FieldHaven supporter Lynn M. came to FieldHaven today to make a donation in person. Usually, these occasions are full of hugs, talking, and cuddling kitties, but with COVID-19, we have to keep our social distance. Since our trapping equipment is sitting idle, we are repurposing one of our feral cat nets to capture some donations!

Tamra the hound is howling “Thank you!” and Jen Paul, TNR Programs Manager, is ready with the Rescue (disinfectant) wipes!

Here’s what Lynn wants you to know:

“I have been a long time donor to FieldHaven and am always so inspired by the work they do. That inspiration was strengthened when I spent a day on the front lines with the TNR team last October during their monthly Big Fix 24 hour TNR marathon in Marysville. The team of trappers spent the entire night trapping cats for spay/neuter the following day. Staged at a community hall of a local church, over 35 cats were trapped for TNR. In addition, a number of kittens were found, some of whom were very sick. I worked for eight hours straight caring for the kittens to stabilize them so they could be placed in foster homes. The level of energy of the staff and volunteers who worked for 24 hours straight took my inspiration to a whole new level. I am proud to be a FieldHaven donor! I hope you’ll join me in supporting FieldHaven during this difficult time.”

Your donations are needed now more than ever. Due to COVID-19, we have closed our thrift store, FieldHaven Marketplace, and donations have dramatically dropped. We are facing a huge budgeting shortfall right before kitten season unleashes and kittens come flying through the doors and into waiting foster homes. Please help us prepare for 2020 Kitten Season. Click here to donate from a distance!

2 thoughts on “Accepting Donations While Social Distancing”

  1. Jon Kingston says:

    I have an oak book case ,desk and file cabinet.
    Please let me know if you want these items for your thrift store?

    1. FieldHaven Feline Center says:

      Hi Jon,

      Thank you for your interest in donating to FieldHaven Marketplace! You’ll need to contact Marketplace through our Facebook page to see if our intake crew can accept it right now! Thank you again! Purrs!

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