There’s Still Time to Save Lives!

There’s Still Time to Save Lives!

There’s still time to donate for Giving Tuesday!

Pairing people and cats together is just one reason we’re here. We also help families in need, provide for street cats in our community, and give kittens the chance to grow big and strong, to name a few.

When you give to us, we give to them. Your donations allow us to do more, to save more lives, and give more love.

We’re so grateful to see so many of you donating for Giving Tuesday, enabling us to be here for those in need. Thank you!

If you haven’t made your gift, will you do that now? Donate now!

And, in case you missed it, here are a few of the stories we’ve shared so far:

  • Xyla, who was left on our doorstep in a carrier with a leg injury;
  • Pork Chop, a kitten who needed a feeding tube and surgery to save his life;
  • and Mitch, a tiny fella with a spinal injury that led to his fosters making him a tiny, custom wheelchair to help him adapt.

When you donate today, for Giving Tuesday, you’re helping cats and kittens just like Dionne, Xyla, Pork Chop, and Mitch.

YOU are making an incredible impact. We are so appreciative of your support as we kick off the holiday season. Thank you so very much!

I’m so thankful for your support. We truly could not do this without you,
– Joy Smith,
executive director

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