From Street Life to Foster Life

From Street Life to Foster Life

In early November, Pork Chop and his siblings arrived at FieldHaven’s Hathaway Spay/Neuter Clinic. Their caregiver had been diligently working with our team throughout the year to spay and neuter her entire colony of cats. This was the last litter! However, upon arrival, Pork Chop was having trouble breathing, and showing signs of a severe upper respiratory infection. It didn’t look good. Our veterinarian determined he needed to get to a full-service clinic right away, so we rushed Pork Chop to our partner, Companion Veterinary Clinic.

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Pork Chop was a sick young man! He wouldn’t have made it through a basic neuter surgery. We’re so glad we caught his symptoms in time! Pork Chop was diagnosed with a congenital condition called megaesophagus and aspiration pneumonia. He was around six months old, but he looked to be about six weeks old! He was emaciated, incredibly tiny, and had no resources to spare. He desperately needed nourishment to keep his strength up so we could keep him alive.

Pork Chop wasn’t eating on his own, so emergency vets had no choice but to insert a feeding tube. While doing so, they found three polyps in his throat. Surgery to remove them was successful, but Pork Chop still needed a heavy course of antibiotics for pneumonia and feedings every four hours via the tube.

Pork Chop has been receiving consistent, experienced care for a few weeks now. The best possible outcome would be that the polyps led to pneumonia and megaesophagus – but we can’t say for sure yet. Pork Chop was with our vet this morning, and because he is eating on his own, she removed the feeding tube. Now he needs to heal from that and keep growing, but we are very hopeful that he does not have megaesophagus and that it was in fact the polyps! We’ll continue to monitor him as he grows so that we can confidently make that announcement soon.

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Whatever happens, we are there for Pork Chop. He’s getting the very best care a little kitten could hope for thanks to your generosity and support.

Giving Tuesday is in one week and Pork Chop deserves your support. We wouldn’t be able to give him a future without your generosity.

If you’ve donated already, thank you! If you haven’t, here’s how to help:

  • Make an online gift!
  • Mail a check to 2754 Ironwood Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648.
  • Share this post to get the word out!
  • Be the match! If you can to provide a significant donation for a Giving Tuesday match, email Joy here!

Your donations make a tremendous difference, and as we enter a holiday week, this Thanksgiving, we are thankful for you.

P.S. We shot a short video of Dr. Megan removing Pork Chop’s feeding tube and discussing his condition. If you don’t like medical procedures, you can look away, but it’s only a tiny amount of blood, it’s not painful, and he’s doing well! You can watch it below.

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