From Helpless to Hopeful: Xyla’s Story

From Helpless to Hopeful: Xyla’s Story

“Hi, my name is Xyla and I desperately need rehoming because my person can’t afford to care for me anymore.”

This was the first line of a handwritten note taped to the side of a cardboard box, left outside FieldHaven Feline Center. The note continued to say that Xyla was extremely playful despite hip dysplasia, and liked chin and tummy rubs. Her person left food and a small cash donation and clearly had a hard time separating from his beloved companion, saying, “Please know I tried to find her a new home and no one came forward to help her. Thank you deeply.”

Give for Xyla

We were able to track down the owner via a microchip and found out that Xyla’s person had lost his home and had to move in with family members where there was no room for Xyla. This was a double tragedy – he lost his beloved friend and Xyla lost her secure and loving home.

While our hearts break for situations like this, we also have to do what is right for the cat. Xyla is beautiful and deserving, but she was the 5th abandoned cat in a matter of a few months this summer, left at our doorstep in need of medical care, which now becomes our responsibility.

Special medical care, like Xyla’s surgery, is very expensive in the best of times and even more challenging now with overall inflation and nationwide veterinarian shortages.

Despite this, our skilled veterinary team wanted to give Xyla a better quality of life. She had a double Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO), a surgical procedure that restored pain-free mobility to her damaged hips and corrected her hip dysplasia.

Give for Giving Tuesday

The good news is that Xyla is now thriving in foster care and will soon be ready for a new home to call her own.

Your donations make it possible for cats like Xyla to get the care and love they urgently need and so deserve. Because of you, FieldHaven is the safety net for these cats in need.

Will you help us continue to be there by sending in a gift for Giving Tuesday? Here’s how to help:

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Your donations help us make a tremendous difference for the cats in our communities—being a true safety net when no other help is in sight. Thank you for being there!

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