Mani-Pedi? No Way

Mani-Pedi? No Way

Hi to all my FieldHaven friends! This is the smartest and best-looking cat at FieldHaven, Hot Rod.

A few weeks ago a few things were on my heart that had me a little down. When Uncle Jared got to FieldHaven, Jen let him know that I had to get my nails clipped that morning. This usually puts me in a foul mood for part of the day and I was hiding. My uncle Jared went searching for me and soon found me hiding in Lindy’s cubby hole in the cat tree outside. I was sulking big time! One reason was because of the nail clipping episode. The other reason was that I felt things had been a little unfair for a while. Uncle Jared asked me if I felt like sitting in his lap. At first, I said no. He brought out a few cat treats and I quickly changed my mind. This then led to 45 minutes of continuous lap time. This something that I rarely do, but I guess that I felt the need to vent – I started off by saying that some things are not fair around here. I seem to get in trouble with my Uncle Jared and a few other volunteers way too easily and meanwhile, it seemed to me other cats can get away with murder.

He reminded me that I am the only kitty who is granted outside privileges. In his opinion, I am spoiled beyond belief and have been ever since I was a kitten. He also let me know that I am treated like a queen around here and the other cats do not receive anything near the amount of attention I get.

My response was that I have deserved all of the favoritism that I have been given. As you can see, there is nothing humble about me at all.

After 45 minutes of lap time, Zuma showed up and decided that it was his turn, so he ran me off. Zuma is becoming one of my biggest problems at the ranch and I think that uncle Jared is noticing this. He explained to Zuma that it is not a good idea to go looking for trouble with me and he’s pushing his luck big time with “Hottie.”

Hot Rod

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