The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid

Hi, everyone! This is none other than the smartest cat at FieldHaven, Hot Rod.

To start off, I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter. I also wanted to take the time to wish my favorite aunt, Lori Kelly, a very happy birthday! My favorite uncle Jared and I both think very highly of her. I got to have a chat with Aunt Lori when she came out to visit before her birthday and I asked her age. She told me her real age, but since Aunt Lori and I are so close, all that I will say is she turning 29 years old again.

I got a surprise visit from my favorite uncle Jared on Easter. He told me that he had come out especially to spend some extra quality time with me, so I enjoyed lots of hugs and petting for the first few minutes of his visit. He also told me that he needed material for next month’s Hot Rod report. Well, he came out on a good day to do this. There was a lot of action in the way of play fighting between my staff mom’s three cats that she adopted: Zuma, Tavick, and Dannigan.

Zuma and Tavick are almost twins: they look so much alike, but Tavick is definitely bigger and probably heavier then Zuma is. On this day, Tavick must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed, because he was kicking butt and taking names. At one point, I was watching Zuma and Tavick play fight and if I remember correctly Zuma charged at Tavick. Tavick turned into Bruce Lee and hit Zuma with a great roundhouse kick. Tavick laid old Zuma out like a rug and then to top it off he got on top of Zuma and continued to pummel him. Once Tavick finally let Zuma get up, Zuma was not pleased. He let Tavick know that for one thing, he was not Bruce Lee. Second, he let Tavick know that he would be talking to their mom about this situation in order to put a stop to all of those late-night Bruce Lee movies that Tavick loves to watch. Tavick then confidently replied, “Who said I am going to let you live long enough to talk to our mom about these situations?” Zuma was walking on eggshells around Tavick for the rest of the day. Zuma is so used to being the leader of those three, he simply does not like this change in the power structure (Tavick is now king of the hill). Meanwhile, Tavick was walking around with his head held yelling, “Who’s the man now? That’s right: I am the new guy in charge.”

Dannigan took advantage of the situation to become friends with my uncle Jared. I admit that I got a little jealous and I might have accidentally thrown a couple of punches in Dannigans general direction. Of course, Uncle Jared saw this and he was not pleased with my actions (so what else is new?). I later explained to my uncle Jared that I was explaining to Dannigan that he was my favorite uncle and not Dannigan’s. Uncle Jared then let me know that he is allowed to be friends with Dannigan if she wants to be friends and that favorite uncle or not, that was no reason for me to get so jealous and lash out at Dannigann. Bottom line, let’s just say that Uncle Jared and I just agreed to disagree on this issue.

Hot Rod

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