Killer Good Looks

Killer Good Looks

Meow! That is cat talk for “Hi” to all of my fans and supporters.

I have a new definition for the word perfect, and that is “Hottie.” I plan to include a couple of stories that should prove my point! First of all, I want to thank everyone who came to Classics, Cats & Cabernet. I enjoyed seeing all of you there. I had a chat with my aunt Lori Kelly on the morning of the event. She warned me that I had better act nicely towards my uncle Jared or else I would be hearing from her (in other words: major trouble). I’m glad to report that I acted extremely nice that day; in fact, you might say I acted like a perfect angel. Uncle Jared was very proud of me by the end of the night.

The second bit of proof of how perfect I am is how well I behaved when my uncle Jared was taking his friend Char Pierce and her family members on a tour of FieldHaven. I had the privilege of meeting Char’s daughter Edie Lindgren, her husband Charlie, and their daughter, Teagen. The whole family was very impressed with how well I acted and of course, I was given several compliments on my killer good looks!

I also got a chance to visit with my aunt Diana Jones. She was able to stay with my favorite aunt Lori while she was here and they had a lot of fun together. She came especially for Classics, Cats & Cabernet and she was originally just going to stay a week, but staff members and a few of us felines got together and were able to twist her arm into staying an extra week. I enjoyed spending lots of extra time with her as well. My aunt Diana was very proud to see how much better I had been acting since she left in January. She kept reminding me to “keep up the good work, kiddo, or else!”

I was then informed by my uncle Jared that he would be away the week of the 4th of July. I asked him “Where are we going?” He then stated that he would be away and that I would have to stay at FieldHaven. He was going back to Idaho to spend the holiday with his favorite aunt. Before he left though, he reminded me that while he was away I was expected to act nicely towards the other cats. What he forgot to tell me was that he asked a few people to watch that I stayed out of trouble. Luckily for me, those people (my staff mom and my wonderful aunt Jen Paul) are easy to bribe to keep quiet. If I do happen to mess up a little, I can get away with it.

On the Zuma front, things have gotten better between him and me. Some tough cat must have taught him a lesson about manners and waiting his turn. Hmmm, wonder who that was?

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