I Dare to Trespass

I Dare to Trespass

Happy Holidays, Hot Rod Fan Club! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

I got into a little skirmish last month. My staff mom had fostered three kittens and has since adopted them. They are two brothers, Zuma and Tavick, and their sister, Dannigan. Zuma and Tavick are explorers and are constantly down near the FieldHaven shelter. Dannigan pretty much stays close to home (my staff mom’s home on the property).

On this day, I followed Uncle Jared, Aunt Jen, and another volunteer up to Buster’s Barn. I then wandered up towards staff mom’s home and ran into Dannigan. There was sort of a standoff between us. How was I supposed to know that she was so protective of her turf? She let me know I did not belong near their home, not ever. I reminded her that I’m not only the FieldHaven princess but also its reigning Feline Boxing Champion. This entitles me to walk wherever I want to walk, do whatever I want to do. She replied that she’s double-tough, having two brothers, and dared me to trespass on “her” property. Uncle Jared saw this whole encounter.

Up until now, I’d had four weeks of good behavior. If I got into it with Dannigan, my streak would be out the window. The risk was not worth the reward, so I simply walked away. Instead of being proud of me for this, Uncle Jared spread the rumor that I was backed down by a kitten and he teased me about it for the rest of the day. Where’s the fairness in that?

Also, last month I had the privilege of meeting Uncle’s good friend from Wal-Mart, Charlotte Pierce. I really liked meeting her.

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