Goodbye to a Friend

Goodbye to a Friend

I’m afraid I have almost nothing but complaints to report.

Complaint #1: First off, I’m sad that I’ve had to say goodbye to my fabulous attorney and good friend, Diana Jones. She and her husband, Brian, have moved to Dallas. Since I’m often in need of an attorney, some have suggested that I treat Uncle Jared a bit nicer. I’ve thought about this long and hard (almost a full minute) and my response is “No way!” To illustrate this, I’ve been playing avoidance games with Uncle. We’ll spend time together on the front patio and he’ll be sitting in the white rocking chair. He’ll signal for me to sit on his lap and I act like he’s not there. Sometimes I feel like being held and sometimes I don’t. He hates it when I ignore him.

Complaint #2: I was boarded for almost two weeks last month. When I returned to FieldHaven, I learned that Uncle Jared played Santa at PetSmart’s Santa Paws event. Why wasn’t I told about this? Everyone knew I had my staff mom’s cell phone: she said I could take it as I would be boarded for so long. I have some pretty good connections where I was staying and had I known this, I could have left for an hour or so.

Complaint #3: Aunt Lori is now 100% on Uncle Jared’s side when it comes to my sometimes bad attitude towards him. As I understand this new scenario, I must be nicer to Uncle, or I will have to deal with Aunt Lori again…but she only hears Uncle’s side of the story; she hasn’t checked in lately for mine. Don’t you think this is just a little unfair?

For Christmas, I finally got my copy of The Lion King DVD from Uncle. He’ll keep it at his house, and every once and a while, we’ll watch it together.

Hot Rod, aka “Shorty”

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