Going to the Movies

Going to the Movies

A few weeks ago, I found out that a very famous cat movie was coming to theaters in 3D, entitled The Lion King. I’ve heard many great things about the original film both from my feline friends and from several volunteers. I asked Uncle Jared if he would take me, and he said, “There is no way that I’ll take you to see a movie.” I refuse to take “no” for an answer, so I kept bothering him (he calls it whining). He finally said that if I could get my staff mom to let me go, he would take me, but I’d have to come up with enough cash for my movie ticket, popcorn, and a drink. Under my breath, I called him a “rotten cheapskate,” but on the bright side, he did say he’d take me if only I could come up with the money.

I asked my staff mom if Uncle could take me to the movie. She said OK, but she wasn’t going to pay for it. After talking to her, I “accidentally” walked off with her cell phone. I needed to make a call to get some money, so I called Aunt Lori Kelly. She asked how much I needed for the outing, and I said at least $20. She said she’d cover it and I didn’t have to pay her back, since I’d been such a good girl lately and I deserved this special treat. She later told me Uncle agreed to share the cost of this excursion. I really do love these wonderful friends of mine.

Finally, the movie day arrived and I came down with a cold. My staff mom said the movie was out of the question for that day, and she’d let Uncle know. He asked to talk to me, and I was crying because I couldn’t see the movie. He said that he’d give Aunt Lori her share of the money back, and he then promised me a copy of The Lion King DVD for the holidays and he reassured me that no matter what, I would always be his BFG (Best Feline Girl).

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