Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is Uncle Jared’s favorite holiday, and I’d like to wish all of my friends “Caed Mi Failte,” which means “100,000 Welcomes.”

FieldHaven’s new shelter is almost ready! I can’t wait for us felines to move in. I have been assured by Aunt Joy that I’ll have my own private room and also a cat door leading to the outside. Aunt Jen can’t wait until everything is finished and things are back to normal.

Recently, Uncle Jared told me that I had a long talk coming if I continued to act “inappropriately.” I had been getting into a few heated arguments with Lindy Lou, another FieldHaven cat. Also, I was refusing to share my food and any of Uncle’s special attention. Shortly after that, he arranged to have photos taken of the two of us. He did not give me enough notice on this and it led to us having a rather big argument. I acted poorly; Uncle said things he wished he could take back.

A few days later, I went to Bear River Vet Clinic to be boarded. My staff mom was on another tri, and I was there for ten days. Uncle made arrangements with Aunt Jen to pick me up, and on our ride home, he mentioned our disagreement. He said a good friend had helped him see that no one on earth is perfect, including cats and dogs. We all have bad days and say or do things that we would like to take back. He promised that he’d stop trying to make me the perfect cat (that will never happen). I promised him that I’d make a genuine effort to act better towards him and that I’d try to be less jealous of my feline friends.

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