Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Hello, FieldHaven volunteers and sponsors! This is Hot Rod with April’s sponsorship report.

Before I get started, Uncle Jared and I would like to wish a happy birthday to dear volunteer, Aunt Lori Kelly. We love you!

On April 7, FieldHaven held its ribbon-cutting ceremony and invited Lincoln’s city council. The staff and volunteers worked very hard to make everything look good for that night and the attendees were very impressed with our new shelter. I received several compliments on how beautiful I looked and how well I behaved. On the Monday before the ceremony, Uncle Jared had a talk with me. He let me know that this ceremony was very important to FieldHaven, and he expected me to be on my best behavior. I did as he asked and I know I made him proud.

I have a lot of fun playing “hide and seek” with volunteers. They’ll be ready to leave the shelter, but they can’t go until they know I’m safely inside. When Uncle came to FieldHaven today, I had hoped he’d congratulate me on my good behavior before and during the ceremony. I guess this did not occur to him. Instead, he insisted on discussing my “hide and seek” games. The first two times he tried to talk to me, I made a quick exit. On his third attempt, I was not so lucky. He said, “The games are over, Kiddo, and now it is time to deal with this issue.” He told me he didn’t approve of this game and made me promise that when a staff member or volunteer calls my name, I must come out of hiding. It then occurred to me that since I was being held at the time, I couldn’t leave until I agreed, so I agreed to do as he asked.

Hot Rod

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