I’m So Grateful

I’m So Grateful

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I am very grateful for you sponsors and the loved ones in my life. A few of the people for which I am extra thankful are my staff mom Jann (she gets the dirty job of expressing my bladder at least twice a day). I give her a lot of backtalk for doing this, but I want to let her know that I really do love her, and I wouldn’t be here without her.

Next is my favorite aunt, Joy. What can I say about her? She is the reason that FieldHaven is here in the first place. She demands nothing but the best for all of us cats at FieldHaven.

Then there is my other favorite aunt, Jen. All of us felines are extremely thankful for the work she does while managing our shelter and us!

Last, but not least, there is the very special friendship I share with my favorite uncle, Jared. He has been in my corner, watching over me, from the time I arrived at FieldHaven. We have been through quite a few battles with one another over the years, but that’s exactly what has made us closer. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he loves me and I love him a whole lot as well. There are many more special volunteers that I am friends with, but I think this is a good-sized list.

FieldHaven recently held a party, inviting our volunteers to see the shelter’s progress. During the party, Uncle Jared stopped by to check on me, and I asked if he had brought me a snack. He said that there was plenty of dry cat food if I was hungry. I replied that I meant “people food.” He responded, as usual, with, “Nice try kiddo, but not a chance!”

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