Where’s My Pillow?

Where’s My Pillow?

Thanks, FieldHaven volunteers: I have a brand new collar! While Uncle was volunteering at Lincoln’s Petsmart, another volunteer friend of mine, Linda Hutchinson, stopped by and began looking at some of our collars. They’re printed with titles like “Stinky Cat” and “Cat With An Attitude.” Uncle wanted one that said “Her Majesty,” but the best Linda could come up with was “Royal Cat.” He felt that was a good substitute.

I’ll admit that I have a short fuse. I hate to share anything (food or Uncle Jared’s attention). He says that we need to have another of our famous long talks if I keep losing my temper. I’ll try to remember to bring along a pillow and warm blanket so that I’ll be comfortable when this occurs because these long talks make me sleepy! My cat naps don’t sit well with Uncle though – he feels the least I can do is to stay awake during his “sermon.”

I think I’ve mentioned Uncle’s former FieldHaven pal, Red. Sadly, I got word that Red passed away this past week. When Uncle was at FieldHaven on Monday, he went to our memorial garden to pay his last respects to Red. He told me not to follow, but I did anyway. I knew he was hurting over Red’s death and I didn’t want him to visit those graves alone. I wanted to be a supportive friend.

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