Best Feline Girl

Best Feline Girl

Hello to all of my volunteer friends and loyal sponsors.

Last week, I was on a trial adoption at a vet hospital Sacramento, due to efforts by our new volunteer coordinator, Vickie “Scout” Valentine, in trying to find a home for me. Unfortunately, it did not work – I was in the office all day not allowed to go outside and stretch my legs. I’m an “outside” girl and don’t want to be an inside-only kitty. It’s not my style.

Before I left, I told Uncle Jared that I was afraid of disappointing him if this adoption did not work. He reassured me that if I tried my best to make adjustments, there was no way that I could disappoint him. He reminded me of some of the long talks that we’ve had in the past. Looking back on these talks, I’ve learned many lessons and this has helped us grow closer. My favorite is a talk that we had awhile back. I was getting possessive. I faced stiff competition in spending time with him. My jealousy occasionally led me to mistreat my other sheltermates, and he saw this and was not pleased. We had a talk, trying for some resolution to my problem.

He apologized, asking if I remembered his friendship with another cat, Red. When Red was at FieldHaven, he was Uncle Jared’s best pal – Red felt they had a “Lone Ranger/Tonto” relationship. Even though Red has a new home, he’ll always have a very special place in Uncle’s heart and memories. I’ve also earned a special place in his heart and memories. I am as special as Red. Red was his best buddy, I am his “BFG” (Best Feline Girl).

Even though this trial adoption did not work out, FieldHaven will continue to keep my name out there as a very special girl looking for a home of her own.

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