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Scout Valentine
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About Scout Valentine

Scout’s relationship with FieldHaven began in 2006. As the Education Coordinator at the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary, Scout was organizing the Rescue Me event to showcase the diverse rescue organizations in the Sacramento area. FieldHaven’s name was mentioned as a great group to invite to talk the public about TNR. Several volunteers came out to the event and FieldHaven has been a resource for information for the Zoo since.

After retiring from the Zoo in June 2009, Scout thought since she lived in Lincoln, FieldHaven would be the perfect organization to volunteer with. A flyer for Classics, Cats, & Cabernet caught her attention and she called Joy Smith to offer her help as an event planner. After attending several planning meetings, she has never looked back. She was appointed to the Board of Directors that same year and became part-time staff member in 2010. Although she had an exciting career working with big cats like tigers, mountain lions, and bobcats, it truly is the small domestic kitties that capture her heart.

"Every morning I awaken torn between the desire to save the world and the inclination to savor it."

E.B. White