A Special Friend

A Special Friend

Hi to all of my FieldHaven fans sponsors, volunteers, and staff members!

To start off, Uncle Jared is back from Idaho and he came out to see me on Friday. I was very much looking forward to seeing him, so when his car pulled up at FieldHaven, I just about tackled him as soon as he got out of the car. I knew that he was bringing treats for me, plus I really did miss him while he was in Idaho. In the past, I have tried to pretend that our relationship is not that special in my eyes, but I am now realizing just how special this friendship is. I still lose my temper with him every once in a while, but he is always quick to let me know that I need to watch how I treat him, and I always end up apologizing to him later in the day.

On Saturday, I got another surprise visit from Uncle Jared and this really shows the amount of love that he has for me. We both had a lot of fun hanging out together on Saturday and I made sure that I got tons of attention. I have to admit that I pretty much insisted on it.

An old feline friend of Uncle Jared’s is back at FieldHaven. I have mentioned a tuxedo cat named Murray in the past. Murray had been adopted and was the only cat in the home. Now Murray is having a hard time being among several other cats again. Uncle Jared talked to him quite a bit about this as he is worried about how Murray is adjusting. I might have to help Murray make the adjustments that he needs to make. I’ll remind him that all of us cats have to follow certain rules that will help us get along with one another. I know that he is very fond of Uncle Jared, and Murray needs to find a way to calm down and make Uncle Jared proud of him again. I’ll let Murray know that I am more than willing to help him in any way I can.

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