My Book Deal

My Book Deal

Hello to all of FieldHaven fans and supporters. This is your favorite FieldHaven kitty, the one the only Hot Rod

A few months ago, my uncle, Jared, asked me if I would allow him to be able to take the summer off from writing my monthly report. He claimed that he was running out of material to write about. He also claimed that he was going to try to look into getting my short stories made into some sort of a children’s book. I took it upon myself to ask him what my cut (percentage) of the profits might be.

At first, he did not want to give me an answer to this question. Finally, he let me know that he was going to take my share and donate it towards FieldHaven Feline Rescue so that all of FieldHaven could benefit. I tried really hard to reason with him, but he said that he had already discussed this with the President of FieldHaven, my aunt Joy, and she let him know that if FieldHaven got any money from the book, it could definitely be put to good use. She also promised my uncle Jared that Hot Rod and every other FieldHaven cat would be taken care of.

I then asked him how the publication of the book was coming. He said that he was still in the very beginning stages (meaning he had not worked on it all this summer). I asked him why he was taking so long. He then said that it could be summed up in one word: fear. At this point, I called him a big chicken and told him to quit stalling!

I, on the other hand, have had a pretty good summer. I have been on a couple of camping trips with my staff mom and my aunt Jen came along for the last camping trip.

The cat trailer has been pretty overcrowded as of late and there are a lot of newcomers who seem to think that they are big and bad and they have not been afraid to let me know how big and bad that they are (trying to start catfights). I have learned to pick my battles and not just get into a catfight just because some other feline is in a bad mood. I guess that you could say that I have not been fighting as much. I can still kick butt in a major way when I know that I have to, but it is nice to know that I can choose when it needs to be done.

Last year, the city of Lincoln informed us that we will need to replace our old trailer or FieldHaven will be out of business! This is not a good thing at all for all of us felines. Because of this, I have been informed by my uncle Jared that on August 29, FieldHaven will be having a big fundraiser which will hopefully raise a lot of the money that we need. This is such a big event that my aunt Joy has been letting every volunteer know how much help she needs and how crucial everybody’s help is.

I had hopes that I could volunteer that day, but my aunt Jen reminded me that I am to be boarded at Dr. Jyll’s to make sure that I stay safe and sound for that big event.

Signing off for now,
Hot Rod

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