Cat of the Week

Cat of the Week

Hello to all of FieldHaven fans and supporters. This is your favorite FieldHaven kitty, the one the only Hot Rod.

First off, I want to let everyone know that the “Classics, Cats & Cabernet” fundraiser on August 29 was a huge success (purr!). Just so all you humans know, “purr!”  means “Yahoo!” in your language. My aunt Joy (FieldHaven President) wanted me to thank all of the volunteers for all of their hard work in putting it all together. I do not know if we earned enough to get a new trailer, but I’ll just leave all that financial stuff to my aunt Joy and her team of board members and financial experts.

I may have mentioned in the past that I had been trying to get in touch with the magazine Cat Fancy, hoping to be on one of their covers. Well, I have some big news for you. Recently, Lincoln’s local paper, The Lincoln News Messenger, had named me the cat of the week and my picture appeared in that paper. Everyone made a huge deal about what an honor this was. My take on the situation is what took them so darn long? I have lived here at FieldHaven for close to two years now. I should be cat of the week every week (I am one good looking feline!).

Since then, my staff mom’s cell phone has been ringing day and night. I have asked her for my own cell phone many times, but she says: “Not a chance, kiddo.” Anyway, the big wigs at Cat Fancy have been begging me (through staff mom Jann) to be on their next month’s cover. Their lawyers and financial experts are working on a contract. I can tell you this it is definitely going to be a lot more then a couple of cat treats – we’re talking big money here!

Some of my roommates have gone to their forever homes: Darby (Rice Cake) was adopted by his foster mom, Jen Rosenbrook; a very special adoption took place, and that was our Jumby (Jumbo), an FIV+ cat, who had gathered many friends while here; and Smokey Hewitt, who disappeared during the Gladding fire last year, inadvertently ended up in a trap set for skunks on the property. He has now joined his brother, Fuzzy, and his new family in Walnut Creek.

So long for now!
Hot Rod

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