Enter Rice Cake

Enter Rice Cake

Meow (for you non-felines, that is my way of saying, “Hi, guys”). This is your old pal the FieldHaven Princess, Hot Rod (or H.R. for short).

It has been another fun-filled exciting week for me at FieldHaven. A few weeks ago, a male Manx kitten was dropped off here. His name is Rice Cake and like me, he also has a problem controlling his bladder. Sometimes I like to tease him and call him “Rice Flake.” He is not fond of my new nickname for him. He and I are not great pals yet because we are still in the “getting to know each other” phase. All I am doing is trying to teach him the FieldHaven rules and explain that he should listen to the feline ruler of Fieldhaven (that would be me). I am sure that we will work everything out and will be good friends soon.

After my volunteer friend Jared became my sponsor, some of the staff at FieldHaven felt that he should be promoted to my uncle Jared. I guess that they have a point, because he does deserve this honor.

My uncle Jared, cat treat supplier extraordinaire, is very fond of Rice Cake and vice versa. Rice Cake is kind of like Jared’s little shadow. Whenever Uncle Jared is walking around outside, usually Rice Cake is somewhere close by. Whenever Rice Cake wants to be held, all he has to do is cry like a baby and he gets picked up (what an amateur). Last Monday, Uncle Jared and my favorite aunt Jen were walking around the ranch checking on cats. Aunt Jen hears this pitiful little kitten meow and wonders: “OK, what cat is crying?” Uncle Jared then sees Rice Cake standing nearby waiting for them and figures the meow is coming from Rice Cake, because he is asking to held. My response to a stunt like this? “Lightweight!”

One thing that Uncle Jared likes about Rice Cake is that he loves to be held. He has told me numerous times that if I enjoyed being held as much as Rice Cake does, then I would probably have been adopted by now. I told Uncle Jared that a comment like that was a little bit below the belt. I then asked Uncle Jared who was better looking and he’d better tell the truth. He had to admit that when it came to good looks, Rice Cake might be cute, but I am a very beautiful young lady. Once he made that last statement, my response was, “I rest my case – I am better than the kid and as soon as everybody wakes up and realizes this for a fact then he and I will get along much, much better.”

This is the FieldHaven Princess, signing off for the night.

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