State of the Cat Treats

State of the Cat Treats

Hello to all of my adoring fans and supporters.1 This is the one and the only Hot Rod, FieldHaven Princess.

It has been a month since my last report, so I told my volunteer friend, Jared (aka my treat supplier), that he had better get busy writing the 3rd submission to my blogosphere.

This is just another example of the pull that I have with staff and volunteers. Most of them pretty much live by the motto of “Whatever Hot Rod wants, Hot Rod receives.” Personally, I really like that motto – now I just have to get them to apply it to my cat treat situation. On this, I am still coming up on the short end. I was trying to explain this to Jared earlier today. First of all, I had some trouble getting my point across (because my mouth was full of cat treats) that I was just taste-testing. Yes, that is right: I am not only the FieldHaven Princess, model, and the FieldHaven enforcer with other cats when I feel they are getting out of line, but I am also the designated FieldHaven cat treat tester (it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it). Then, as I was trying to protest to Jared about my insufficient allotment of treats as compared to the amount other cats here receive, my staff mom Jann walks into the trailer (nice timing, mother). Just then. Jared said: “OK Hot Rod, you have had enough treats for today.” At this point (if my mouth was not still full) I probably would have called him a “rat pickin’ stool pigeon.”

On to how my last couple of weeks have gone: I have not had to be boarded at Dr. Jyll’s at all for the past couple of weeks, so I have been able to enjoy my time at the FieldHaven cat trailer. Seeing that I am the resident Princess, I have been given a few special privileges. One of my favorite things to do is run around the FieldHaven ranch without being supervised by the staff members. My favorite auntie Jen lets me out almost every morning and I am allowed to stay out and run and play for as long as I want. The only stipulation to this deal is that I have to have my gorgeous self inside the trailer by the time that she leaves for the day. I know that I have told you stories about how I like to run through the cat trailer at 80-90 miles per hour. Well, that is nothing compared to how fast I run and play when I get to go outside unsupervised. In fact, if you need to have an idea of how fast I run outside, you might as well double the 80-90 miles per hour theory. This is just another reason that I feel I should get more cat treats than I am currently receiving. I mean, when it comes time for me to refuel, then it takes more than just a couple of handfuls!

I was also informed by my staff mom that Jared is now one of my full-fledged sponsors! My staff mom was very impressed with this, but my reaction is “What took you so long, cheapskate!?” Do not get me wrong: my volunteer friend Jared knows that I am very fond of him just like I am fond of all the other staff and volunteers. Let’s just say that I have a lot of people who truly care about me here, but as good looking as I am, I very much deserve all of the special attention that I receive each day and more.

It is getting close to my bedtime, so this is Hot Rod, signing off for now.

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