Happy Thanksgiving – and Remember the Cat Treats!

Happy Thanksgiving – and Remember the Cat Treats!

Gulp. Hello to all of my loyal fans and supporters. This is the one and the only Best Looking Manx Cat at FieldHaven. You guessed correctly: this your old FieldHaven pal, Hot Rod. Before I begin, I want to apologize for that gulp at the beginning of this letter. I just got through having a little snack (dry food) and I had to swallow what I had already chewed before I started this blog post.

First of all, I wanted to take this time to wish all of my loyal fans and supporters a very happy Thanksgiving!

Speaking of food, I am looking forward to a volunteer friend or two of mine throwing a couple of large pieces of turkey in my general direction when no one on staff is around to tell on them. I absolutely refuse to say who these volunteer friends might be…I will tell you that the friend will NOT be my favorite uncle, Jared. He claims that he would only be bringing cat treats every other week now because all of us FieldHaven felines could stand to lose some weight. I admit that I am not wild about this change of events, but he said that, just like the weather, like it or not, we will all have to adjust to it. Well, I guess this is OK because I can easily talk to another volunteer friend into picking up the slack in treats this coming week. Wink!

The other cats heard about the lack of treat situation and most of them are referring to my uncle Jared as a little bit of a cheapskate. There are three other cats that are defending him, though – one of the cats that Jared has on his side is his little buddy, Rice Cake. Personally, I strongly feel that Rice Cake could easily go a couple of months without cat treats. Let’s just say that since he has arrived at FieldHaven he has gotten a little too friendly with the food bowl. He has gained a lot of weight. Rice Cake keeps telling me that his newfound weight is all muscle. I just laugh at him and then I respond with, “Whatever you say, Fat Boy.” Rice Cake does not like me referring to him as “Fat Boy,” but as I said in my last letter, when something is true, then I think it should be treated as fact. Even my uncle Jared has let his main man Rice Cake know that he has gotten a little bit too heavy for his size.

By the way, while I am on the subject of Rice Cake, he now has a volunteer that is sponsoring him. The volunteer has also changed Rice Cake’s name to Darby, so from now on, I will have to refer to Rice Cake as Darby.

There are two other cats in the adult habitat who are on my uncle Jared′s side about the cat treat situation for this week: a tuxedo cat named Evan and a cat named L.C. (previously known as Little Cat). Both of these guys were on the shy side until Jared turned them into his pet projects. I know for a fact that uncle Jared is very fond of the four of us (Darby, Evan, L.C., and last but certainly not least me). As I said in my last post, Uncle Jared and I had a long talk and he has reassured me that no matter what, I will always be his Best Girl Feline (his “BGF”). This is an honor that I know that I will always deserve.

This is Hot Rod, signing off for now.

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