Rescued and Reunited: The Heartwarming Journey of Henry and Hank

Rescued and Reunited: The Heartwarming Journey of Henry and Hank

Providing pathways to outcomes for the fire cats is an essential part of the recovery process that our FieldHaven Feline Center team is assisting Maui Humane Society with.

It goes without saying that our number one goal is to find owners/caregivers for each and every kitty. Our protocol for this mission is to diligently search for each kitty’s human(s) for 90 days. After 90 days, unless there are some extenuating circumstances, we presume we are not going to find that kitty’s human(s) so they can be placed for adoption. However, 90 days is a very long time for any kitty to sit in shelter housing (even as cool as the housing we are providing is!), so early on, a FOSTER-TO-ADOPT program was established. Here’s how it works:

After a kitty has been with Maui Humane Society for 30 days they can be eligible for foster-to-adopt. This means that they can go home with their foster-to-adopter, but the adoption is provisional until the 91st day. Our matching teams will continue to search for kitty’s human(s) and if there are any potential matches, the foster can provide updated pictures, etc.

Now, onto the story of this wonderful family.

Kay and her hubby knew they wanted to be part of this program early on so they were one of the very first to participate back in early October (gosh, was that just last month?!). They chose to bring home L598, a very handsome Russian blue-type kitty. They named him Henry and he’s been doing great as part of their family.

Last week, Kay reached out to me and said they were ready for a friend for Henry. She had remembered a young brown tabby in the cage next to Henry at the Annex Recovery Center. They used to play together through the bars. She wanted to know if he was still with us and available for placement.

L538 was indeed still with us, hanging out in our community room getting lots of attention from volunteers. In fact, there was a volunteer playing teaser toy tag with him at the very moment Kay texted me! I sent her some pics and videos and told her we’d put a hold on him for her.

Yesterday, she came to pick up Hank (get it – Henry and Hank?), so now these two kids who met during their stay with us will be back together!

Our goal is to provide a great outcome for each and every kitty that we aren’t able to place back with their family, but we’re not giving up finding their family very easily!

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