Phoenix-Makenna Survived the Unthinkable

Phoenix-Makenna Survived the Unthinkable

This post contains graphic images of injuries and medical procedures.

Phoenix-Makenna survived the unthinkable. She was found on the side of the road, severely underweight, burned from head to tail. Her face, ears, and whiskers were singed. Her eyes barely opened. We had no idea what happened or how she survived, but she did. Thankfully, we got to her just in time. We were able to save Phoenix-Makenna, but she’s the reason we need YOU for Giving Tuesday.

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It was late September. A kind person contacted us, desperate for help. We wondered if humane euthanasia might be the kindest thing, but we still tried to see if we could save her. We reached out to multiple veterinary partners. Luck was on our side. We secured immediate treatment and care at the burn center at UC Davis.

Her initial assessment was rough. Her care would not be easy, and recovery would take weeks, if not months. But clearly she had the fighting spirit—since she survived on her own on the streets despite whatever tragedy occurred.

Phoenix-Makenna was hospitalized for nearly three weeks. She had burn wounds all the way down to the bone. One of the veterinary technicians caring for her decided to foster her once she was cleared to leave the hospital. Again, luck was on our side.

Today, Phoenix-Makenna looks like a different cat, and we are grateful—though that is an understatement.

Will you show your support and be part of the team who saved Phoenix-Makenna? We cannot do this without you. You don’t even have to wait until Giving Tuesday; you can give right now, and your gift will be put to work right away helping other cats just like her!

Phoenix-Makenna went through agony. She was in pain. She was broken. She was burned. She had no hope. Phoenix-Makenna’s life, to some, may not have meant much. But to us, her life mattered. Her life was valued. Her life was worth saving.

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We are so thankful to be a part of a team who searches for hope when it seems lost. We’re thankful for the willingness to take chances even if it means hearts may be shattered. We’re thankful for the kindness and compassion of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. We are thankful that Phoenix-Makenna chose to fight, and most importantly, we’re thankful for all of you, who keep lifting us up, supporting our mission, and enabling us to keep saying yes to cats like Phoenix-Makenna.

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We are deeply grateful we have you to count on this Giving Tuesday. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

P.S. We honestly can’t thank you enough. We can’t imagine if we didn’t have your support and Phoenix-Makenna was not given that chance. YOU gave her that chance. Thank you, in advance, for including FieldHaven in your Giving Tuesday plans.

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