12 Saves of Christmas #11: Lucky

12 Saves of Christmas #11: Lucky

On New Year’s Eve last year, a woman passed away, unexpectedly, and tragically. She left behind 5 cats and a 13-year-old son. FieldHaven received a call for help, so we put a plan into action. We brought the cats to FieldHaven, getting them all checked out by a vet and assessing their individual needs. Nearly all of them were adopted. They were healthy, friendly cats who easily and quickly charmed their way into new families. All of them, except Lucky.

Sweet Lucky had some medical issues, so she required a longer stay with us than her siblings. She was about 12 years old and not spayed—the son said she had “hundreds” of kittens (so a lot). She had one of the worst flea infestations that we’ve seen in an adult cat, which made her critically anemic. We couldn’t even take her blood for diagnostics because she needed it that badly. She was underweight, with advanced dental disease but we couldn’t do surgery right away because her condition was so unhealthy. Lucky, despite the name, was currently unlucky.

As the weeks passed, we helped her gain strength and weight until finally, she was able to be spayed. She made it through that surgery, so we continued to monitor her until we felt she was ready for a second surgery—her dental. That too was a success, and finally, Lucky was ready for a home.

Lucky arrived at FieldHaven on January 1. She endured nearly four months of medical care, then met her new family and we are so thrilled that they kept her name. She adjusted well, quickly becoming relaxed and comfortable. Lucky finally was living up to her name!

Every cat we see is treated as an individual. Some have very few medical needs, while others, like Lucky, have extensive medical needs. Our average cost of care is about $300 per cat, but when those medical needs escalate, that number can quickly grow. That is why we need you. We want to be able to say yes and take in more cats like Lucky and be there for those who need it the most, but we need your generosity to help us get to that point.

Christmas is almost here, and we certainly hope you are able to give a gift to cats this year. Lucky was thankful to have you in 2022; let’s see how many cats we can help in 2023.

Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday and thank you for always keeping FieldHaven on your list of gifts.

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P.S. Thanks to you, we helped Lucky live up to her name, giving her the second chance she deserved. Your donations always make an incredible impact. Thank you for thinking of FieldHaven this holiday season.

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