12 Saves of Christmas #12: Spencer

12 Saves of Christmas #12: Spencer

It was Spring when FieldHaven received an unexpected call from an attorney. A kind, cat-loving woman had passed away and left us her home, with FieldHaven being the beneficiary after it sold. The catch? She had been caring for two cats, Spencer and Gin, who lived on her property for quite some time, and her only request was that when the home was sold, the cats come with it!

The cozy home was in a quiet neighborhood in Olivehurst. Spencer and Gin were happy, friendly kitties who split their time between outside, sunning in the yard, and indoors, napping on the couch. They were not to be rehomed under any circumstance, meaning the new buyer would also become an adopter!

We used a realtor who was a friend and FieldHaven supporter. We had some fun with the marketing, too! Spencer and Gin were available for adoption for just $285,000 and they came with a free house!

Spencer and Gin made multiple appearances on local news stations and social media. They represented everything to us—keeping community cats safe, coexisting with cats in our community, and the unconditional love and joy that pets bring to our lives.

We had an overwhelming response to the listing but little did we know things would work out just how they should. Kim, a volunteer of ours who had taken on caring for the cats and maintaining the landscaping after the woman passed, was in the market for a new home. She needed a place for her daughter, so she put in an offer. Just as we hoped, she became the new owner, keeping the house and the cats in our FieldHaven family!

Today, everyone has settled in happily ever after. She says Spencer is a very happy, loving kitty, greeting everyone at the driveway and demanding his pets before you get to the door. He loves food and asks any—and every—guest to give him a treat—he’s even put on a couple of pounds! He truly has a huge place in their hearts.

Sadly, Gin passed away just before they moved in and they miss him greatly, but he lives on through Spencer’s vivacious personality and the memories in the home.

We’re pretty sure that we did right by the previous homeowner—and that she had no idea what she would be gifting our FieldHaven family. Today, seeing the holiday joy brighten the home, we couldn’t ask for anything more.

Thank you to everyone who has given so much to our cats, our team, and our family. And, in the words of our volunteer Kim, “I highly recommend buying a house with a built-in cat!”

P.S. If you’ve already given to FieldHaven, thank you! If not, can we call on you to help cats in need in our community? Your holiday gift will quickly be put to work for the cats. A gift of any size helps!

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