12 Saves of Christmas #2: Garth

12 Saves of Christmas #2: Garth

When Garth came to FieldHaven Feline Center, he could barely stand. He was old and thin, with barely any teeth—and those that were left were in bad shape. He was flea infested and wobbly on his legs. He looked as if he had been around the block quite a few times, but he had an instant head bump of appreciation and a roaring purr as soon as anyone reached for him.

It was early October when he was found wandering the streets of Marysville. He wasn’t one of our existing colony cats being cared for; he was new. We’re not sure how or why he stumbled upon our group of cats, but he’s lucky he did.

Upon his arrival at the shelter, we quickly implemented critical care, getting him warm, started on a healthy diet, and hydrated. He needed his strength if he was going to handle whatever was going on because, despite his mental desire to fight, his body didn’t have it in him. We ran a blood panel and several other tests so that we could hash out a plan, then arranged for a foster home to take him in so he was surrounded by people day and night.

His foster, April, says that he couldn’t even stand up through his first meal—so he ate laying down! He slept all the time, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket on the floor of her home office. He did this for several days, then, he came around. His appetite increased, he began actively seeking out attention, and he became more alert.

A week after his arrival, he visited our clinic for a check-up. Dr. Rensing couldn’t hide her shock. “Is this the same cat I saw a week ago? He’s a miracle!” And he was. He put on half a pound, his coat was softer and fluffier, and that roaring purr was even louder than it was on day one.

When we first shared his story on social media, we honestly thought we may be seeking a hospice foster. But what we found was that he was actually pretty healthy—just old, unkempt, and hungry. He still needs an extensive dental procedure and will have ongoing blood work to ensure he continues to be healthy, but for about 12 years old, Garth is in it for the long haul.

April says he’s home for good—his foster home is now his forever home once he’s ready to be adopted. He spends his days relaxing and his nights wandering the house with his canine sister. He sleeps with his human parents in the big bed, and April says his purrs are “the best midnight reminder he is there with us. He’s completed our family beautifully.” She’s also given him a new name—Kovu, an honorable name for a gallant and regal little lion. It’s from the Lion King and means love and affection.

It’s because of you that we were able to provide Garth with the medical care he needed to bring him back to robust health. It’s because of you that he was given a second chance.

He does still need that dental, so his medical journey isn’t over. When you donate this holiday season, you are becoming part of the family that saved him. Thank you for your kindness and compassion for enabling us to help the little old men just like Garth. He deserves it.

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P.S. It’s important to note that a gift of any size helps. FieldHaven relies on everyday donations from people just like you, and when all of us come together, the amount adds up. Thank you for anything you can give this holiday season!

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