12 Saves of Christmas #1: Cyndy Rose

12 Saves of Christmas #1: Cyndy Rose

It was early in the year when we received a call about an incredibly sweet, 10-month-old tabby cat, with the most soulful eyes who we dubbed Cyndy Rose after her rescuer. She had been living at a house with a group of cats, but as age got the best of her owner, the family moved her out. They called FieldHaven Feline Center to help trap and rehome the cats, as the existing home would be sold and the area was not conducive for the kitties.

When we began trapping, Cyndy Rose was healthy. Then, a few weeks later, she showed up dragging her back legs. Immediately concerned, Cyndy the trapper doubled down efforts to get her, spending two nights at the location before finally securing her.

Radiology revealed the cause of her hind leg paralysis. There was a bullet lodged in her spine, and from its entry, several veterinarians determined she was running away from the person who shot her! To say it took a lot of strength to ignore our anger and focus on compassion to help Cyndy Rose was an understatement.

Everyone at FieldHaven came together to care for Cyndy Rose. Her gentle personality and open heart touched all of us. We consulted with multiple veterinarians and a neurosurgeon, determining that surgery wasn’t an option. It was highly unlikely to reverse her paralysis, making the risk of the surgery not worth it. So, we set up a routine to care for her, and she quickly adapted, purring through it all.

Then, another bump in the road. Cyndy Rose was diagnosed with panleukopenia! It can be a life-threatening illness if not caught early, but lucky for her, she decided to fight. We successfully treated it, and dare we say, she thrived.

The journey was not easy, but months after we initially brought Cyndy Rose into our care, we found an adopter who was skilled and willing to learn—and do—whatever it took to give her a good quality of life. Cyndy went home, and to this day, we receive almost daily video updates of her joyous life. She’s known for her biscuit-making, her good appetite, and her soulful eyes. Her spirit is strong, and she loves everyone. Cyndy Rose may have had quite the journey in getting here, but she deserves every bit of love and attention she now gets. Even better, she has a new sister, another cat with spinal paralysis—and they both get along splendidly.

Cyndy Rose is proof that compassion is better than anger, though truth be told, it’s not easy. But we choose to believe in the greater good and that kindness wins every time.

When you donate this holiday season, you’re making an incredible impact on cats like Cyndy Rose. Without you, FieldHaven would not be here to help her and other cats in need.

Thank you for your generosity.

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P.S. It’s important to remember that things like this don’t happen often. Most people are good. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have all of you, and the thousands of happy endings every day. Not to mention, we’re blessed that we found Cyndy Rose—she truly has a second chance because of you.

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