12 Saves of Christmas #4: Nash and Dante

12 Saves of Christmas #4: Nash and Dante

Two months ago, a longtime cat rescuer in Yuba City, Jose, reached out for help. While working to trap, neuter, and return (TNR) cats in the area, he stumbled upon a tiny, black and white kitten with a severe upper respiratory infection. The kitten was wandering around alone, and Jose knew that with symptoms this bad, the kitten needed help—and fast.

FieldHaven took him in, naming him Nash. He should have weighed close to a pound at 4 weeks of age; he was half that. His eyes were practically sealed shut due to the infection and he was covered in fleas. Jen and Dallas, two of our managers, immediately began supportive care. A warm compress to the face, a gentle bath, plenty of fluids, and a good meal. He went home with Dallas for overnight care, and as soon as he was tucked into a warm bed, he fell fast asleep. Until now, Nash didn’t know the comfort of a caring hand and soft blanket.

A day after Nash arrived, Dante came to FieldHaven. He had been found in a similar situation. Knowing he needed some serious TLC, he received the same care as Nash, then went home with Dallas as well. While we had to keep them separate for a short period of time to ensure good health, we planned to introduce these two as soon as it was safe—having a friend the same age is a wonderful thing for kittens.

With the number of challenges facing animal welfare right now, from lack of veterinary staffing to backlogged spay and neuter surgeries, FieldHaven is seeing more and more kittens like Nash and Dante—yet we do our best to provide them with everything they need to be set up for success. It’s not without a cost—but it is worth it.

We are grateful for your support this holiday season because thanks to you, we were able to save Nash and Dante. When you donate this holiday season, we’ll save even more lives.

Merry and bright wishes are coming your way!

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P.S. Nash will have his eye removed at the time of his neuter, so two surgeries in one! If you would like to donate to his care, we will greatly appreciate it. Nash would thank you if he could, too!

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